Sengoku Collection

Sengoku Collection
Sengoku Collection is an anime series based on a social game.

The series starts out in a world with a slightly different timeline than ours. While this other world is experiencing the Warring States period of Japan, the Japanese generals that are known in our world are female in this other world.

In the first episode, the female Oda Nobunaga is mysteriously transported to our world. She falls from the sky and lands on a boy named Seiichi Ota, causing him a bit of pain. When Seiichi takes her out for a hamburger, she claims to be Oda Nobunaga, but he doesn't believe her. Oda follows Seiichi to work, and says that he is her retainer. She then demands to stay at his place to have somewhere to sleep.

The next day, Seiichi takes Oda around town, and she encounters all sorts of things she's never experienced before. At one point, Oda makes Seiichi stop at a shrine, and she prays at it to be able to go back to her world. She then tells Seiichi that if her prayer isn't answered, she'll burn down the shrine. The three shrine maidens hear her, and decide they need to act.

That night, the shrine maidens appear to Oda, and explain that others from her world have also appeared here. In order to go home, she needs to gather the treasures that the others have brought with them, in order for the shrine maidens to have enough power in order to send Oda back home. At the end of the first episode, Oda leaves Seiichi's place in order to start on her quest.

After seeing the first episode of Sengoku Collection, I'm not surprised to learn that it was based off of a social game; the series definitely had that type of feel from it.

It's very obvious that this show is being geared toward a male audience, right from the opening credits. Many of the girls are either large-breasted, or wear clothes with plunging necklines. During the first episode, there are several shots of Oda's breasts getting into the camera, her breasts jiggling, as well as some hinted at nudity. In addition, the series also utilizes the cheap-looking animation style I have come to expect from anime based off of social games.

Admittedly, I'm personally not a big fan of shows like Sengoku Collection that are based off of these kinds of games. These shows definitely pander to a particular audience, and I'm not a member of that audience. If you enjoy these kinds of shows, then you will probably enjoy Sengoku Collection. However, if you already know that you don't like this kind of anime series, then this is one that you should probably avoid.

Personally, I would recommend Sengoku Collection to anime viewers who are 16 or 17 years of age and older.

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Sengoku Collection262012Keiji GotohBrain's BaseN/A

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