Those Who Hunt Elves Complete Collection

Those Who Hunt Elves Complete Collection
The Those Who Hunt Elves Complete Collection is a four-disc DVD box set that was released by Sentai Filmworks that contains all 12 episodes of Those Who Hunt Elves and all 12 episodes of Those Who Hunt Elves II.

Those Who Hunt Elves is included on the first two discs in the set, and each disc contains six episodes of the series. Those Who Hunt Elves II is on the remaining two discs in the set, and each disc contains six episodes. The episodes are available with both the original Japanese audio and an English dub; for the Japanese audio, there are English subtitles available. All of the discs in the set include bonus features.

Those Who Hunt Elves follows three "Elf Hunters" named Junpei, Ritsuko, and Airi; they are humans from Japan who are stranded in a sword and sorcery world after a spell was cast by an elf named Celcia Marie Claire. Celcia tries to send them back home, but she is distracted while reciting the spell. The spell pages divide and spread out in five different directions, and the words on those pages end up on the skin of five elves. In order to return home, the group must find the five elves; they have to determine whether they've found the right elf by stripping off their clothes.

This series follows their adventures as they try to find the right elves and the repercussions of the chaos that their actions cause. The series itself is humorous enough, although if you think about it, there are some things that happen that make you question the premise of the series.

After failing to return home at the end of the first series, Those Who Hunt Elves II sees the group on a new search to re-locate the spell pieces in order to attempt to go home again. Unfortunately, it's obvious as you watch this second series that not a lot of thought seemed to go into it. This time, the spell fragments are split out into a much larger number, there are a number of episodes in this 12-episode series that feel like "filler," then they are able to get the majority of the spell fragments quickly after the filler, and the series itself doesn't seem to truly end. Overall, the second series felt like it was thrown out there just to have more episodes of Those Who Hunt Elves.

When it comes to the extras in the set, the first disc contains trailers (which is labeled as "Also Available From Sentai Filmworks") and DVD Credits. When you choose the menu for the trailers, you are given a menu to choose from; the trailers included on this disc are for Burn Up!, Sakura Wars TV, Princess Resurrection, Pet Shop of Horrors, Clannad, and Orphen. The DVD Credits is just one screen of text.

On the second disc, there is a clean closing animation for the closing sequence of the first Those Who Hunt Elves series and Production Sketches. The production sketches consist of 15 pages of line art; however, the art is focused rather heavily on Ritsuko and Celecia. In addition to these two, there is one page of art of Junpei, as well as extra characters from the first episode of Those Who Hunt Elves and the elf who appears in the second episode. I was very surprised to see that Airi wasn't included in this feature, since she is one of the major characters of the series.

The extras on the third disc are the clean opening and closing animation for the opening and closing for Those Who Hunt Elves II. While it was nice to see both the opening and closing for this series included, it makes me wonder why a clean version of the opening of the first Those Who Hunt Elves series wasn't included on the second disc. And the extras on the fourth disc are trailers for both seasons of Those Who Hunt Elves.

Personally, I can only truly recommend this DVD box set to people who are already fans of Those Who Hunt Elves who don't already have any of the DVD releases that were previously released through ADV.

Those Who Hunt Elves Attack
An Invincible Team Is Formed
The Red One or the Blue One?
The Search for the 1000th Fighter
The Addition of the Fifth Fiend
The Most Horrible Spell of All Time

Bonus Features
Catch Me in a Field of Flowers
To the End of This World and Beyond
Let the Maiden Dance in Beauty
The Elf Who Couldn't Undress
No Tomorrows for the Captured
And Yet Those Who Still Hunt Elves

Bonus Features

Those Who Fish Elves
Those Who Wipe
Those Who Have Been Animal Cursed
Those Who Manipulate Heaven and Earth
Those Who Bean
Those Who Are Entrapped!

Bonus Features
Those Who Hunt Wolves
Those Who Protect Elves Sometimes
Those Who Wait for Noel
Those Who Fight for the Spotlight
Those Who Dream
Those Who Still Hunt Elves

Bonus Features

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