Never Underestimate Your Influence

Never Underestimate Your Influence
Do you know how important you are? Really. Do you know how much you matter? Seriously; there are quite a few of us who do not know just how much we matter. How much we matter to God or to those around us. We have underestimated who we are and our value.

Sometimes we do not value ourselves because the experiences we have had in life. There are times when we do not know just how precious and important our life is because of the things that are going on around us, or because of how we were treated or are being treated.

Beloved, allow me to tell you this: never underestimate who you are! You are valuable. Your life is worthy. And YOU—yes you!—have the ability to change another person's life. You can change someone's life for the better. However, you must first recognize that you are a valuable child of God, who was created in His image; with His breath in your body!

We may never know how many people's lives we have influenced or changed, or even saved. We may never know the depths of our influence on another until we reach Heaven. But rest assure, my dear friend, you have the ability to change lives. Do not underestimate who you are, or your worth.

Many times our self worth is incumbent upon how much we make, or how successful we are. We determine it by things in our life, and that's just not what it's all about. Our self worth should be based upon who we are in God. What the Father says concerning us. We could be dirt poor, and yet be the happiest person in the world, because we know who we are in God.

Every day we get the opportunity to change someone's life; for the better or for the worse. Our actions and words can do many things. And we have to begin to realize that the very words and thoughts we are saying and thinking toward ourselves has a profound impact on the life we are living.

So what, things aren't going the way you thought they would be, or should be going! So what, you don't have that great big house or fancy car! So what, you didn't make it to the top of the list for that promotion THIS time around! So what, you don't have as much money in the bank as you once had. None of this should impact your value of who you are when you know and understand WHOSE you are, and who HE is in you!

We are awfully hard upon ourselves. We are our own worst judge and jury. The Father doesn't even judge us as harshly as we do ourselves. We cannot allow the circumstances of our lives to deter us from reaching toward the goal of the call that God has upon our lives.

Our life does matter! You do have purpose. Even if you do not know or recognize what it is! I don't care if you are 71 years old and do not know your purpose! You're still breathing, so that means you have a purpose. Perhaps you've been living your purpose all along, but have underestimated who you are, and have been blinded by the comparisons you continue to make between you and others.

Stop that! Stop comparing your life with someone else's life! Love who you are! Value who you are! You have the ability to affect others lives. You have the ability to change someone's life for the better! You do! YOU matter! God created YOU to be YOU! Accept that! Own that! Know that! Believe that!

No one in this world can be a better you than you. God created only one you, and only you can do what He has called you to do. Sure; there may be others who do what you do, or similar things to what you can do. But only YOU can do what God has called and ordained you to do! And if you are not doing what God called you to do, then there is a gap, a hole. Because only you were designed to do what God called YOU to do. No one else.

Every part of our lives matter. All that we do matters. Did you know that a smile can change someone's life? I don't know how many testimonies I have heard about someone who was going to commit suicide, and a smile from a stranger changed their mind, or a kind word. Or, an unexpected phone call kept someone from doing something that would have changed their life forever.

We cannot afford to underestimate who we are, or the influence that we can have on another person's life. Because if we do, rest assure the enemy will wreak havoc, and do everything he can to keep us bound until he has destroyed and taken us out. It is time to believe what God has spoken concerning you. Take God at His word; He cannot and will never lie. You just have to believe it!

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