Campione! is an anime series based on a light novel series by Jo Taketsuki.

Godo Kusanagi, a Japanese high school student, is the main character of Campione! He comes to Sardinia, because his grandfather has asked Godo to return a stone tablet that he had been given when he visited Sardinia years ago. As Godo is trying to find the owner, he is suddenly approached by a young woman, who holds Godo at knifepoint and demands the tablet.

The young woman is Erica Blandelli, a member of a magician organization based in Milan called Copper Black Cross. She is a magic swordsman, and wields a weapon called Cuore de Leone. As Godo is trying to explain the situation, he is interrupted by the arrival of a rogue god. Erica leaves Godo in order to fight with the rogue god.

While the battle is going on, Godo is approached by a mysterious young man, who turns out to be Verethranga, the Persian god of Victory. The young man takes a look at the tablet and tells Godo he can keep it. After the battle with the rogue god, Erica finds Godo and finds out the tablet belongs to Lucretia Zola, a powerful magic user.

When Erica takes Godo to see Lucretia, Godo tries to give Lucretia the tablet. Lucretia asks Godo if he encountered anyone while he had the tablet; Godo mentions the young man. Lucretia tells Godo to keep guard over the tablet, since the Gods seem to have favored him. Erica is not happy with this idea, because she's rather wary of Godo.

Godo and Erica end up at a battle between Verethranga and another god. At the end of the first episode, Godo uses the tablet and defeats Verethranga. Through a curse, Godo acquires Verethranga's abilities and becomes a Campione, which allows him to slay other gods. Erica becomes more attached to Godo after he becomes a Campione.

I have to say that Campione! has an interesting premise, but after watching the first episode, I thought the execution wasn't as strong as it could have been. From what I've seen on the Internet, it appears this series is going to evolve into a harem anime; from a couple of the scenes I saw in the first episode, I definitely saw a trope or two that's associated with harem anime, so I can see that it could head in that direction. Unfortunately, this makes me think that the series may end up not working as well as the story progresses.

While I didn't think that Campione! was necessarily a bad series, it didn't grab me enough to compel me to want to watch future episodes while the series is streaming. However, I might be willing to check the series out from the library at such a point that Sentai Filmworks releases the series on home video.

Content-wise, there was some sexual innuendo included in the first episode, so it's not a series being aimed at a young audience. Personally, I would recommend Campione! to anime viewers who are 15 or 16 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Campione!132012Keizo KusakawaDiomedeaSentai Filmworks

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