How To Create Your Own Personal Fragrances

How To Create Your Own Personal Fragrances
We all get that itch from time to time to create our on personal scent blends. You’ve stood at the perfume counter trying on different perfumes and they work for you or they don’t, smell the same or smell like your body odor needs attention.

All scent/perfumes are created from the use of essential oils. It’s the concentration of essential or fragrance oils in an alcohol and distilled water base that determines the strength and longevity of your scent.

Varieties of Scents

In the world of perfume there are four basic forms of fragrance. They are Perfumes, Eau de parfum, Colognes and Eau de toilette. So where do you want to start?

Perfume - is the most concentrated form of fragrance and can contain as many as 300 or more different elements in a blend. This blend will have 15 to 30 percent concentration of essential oils in an alcohol or oil base. The scent will last any where from three to eight hours on your skin.

Eau de Parfum -will also give you a long lasting scent but with an8 to 15 percent concentration of essential oils. Eau de parfums are diluted in a base of alcohol and distilled water.

Eau de toilette -comes with a 4 to 8 percent concentration of essential oils. These blends are done using a base of alcohol and distilled water and last for four to six hours

Colognes -are less concentrated and they have an essential oil ratio of 2 to 5 percent. Colognes are used as after bath mist or splash and usually last for two to four hours.

Work Area for Creating Perfumes

A room or space that’s well ventilated and or air-conditioned is extremely important. In their undiluted state, essential oils can be quite aromatic. Any bowls, spoons, measuring cups or pipettes should be reserved for strict use of making perfumes and working with essential oils.

A flannel-backed tablecloth is good to have, it allows you to work with out your surface cover slipping around.
Of course you’ll need your essential oils of choice, droppers, measuring spoons/cups, a funnel, glass bottles and pipettes.

Containers for your fragrances

When creating perfumes, eau de toilettes or essential oil blends, glass is always the container of choice.

Bath and massage oils are ok in PET (polyethylene terephthalate). These are clear plastic containers that won’t melt down when essential oils are used in the creation

Always keep your space clean and dry. Store essential oils and blends in a cool, dark place. Heat and light can alter the composition of your blend/product and that sultry scent that you thought you had could turn out to be a bottle of stank-olla.

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