Must Have Beer Tools

Must Have Beer Tools

Bottle Opener: If you are a true connoisseur of beer, you will keep at least one bottle opener on your person at all times. It’s not a sign of alcoholism. For craft beer enthusiasts, it is a sign of geekism. You may have several kinds. There is the classic 18/8 stainless steel bottle opener for fast opening of bottles that works by pulling up on the cap, or by using it as a lever, hooking it over the back side and pushing down. Of course, there are souvenir openers you are given at weddings or special beer tasting events that bear logos.

The "can punch and bottle opener" is also called a church key. Before pull tops and pull tabs, all cans needed a can punch in order to open them. Occasionally you may have a can that needs a punch, so be prepared and carry one of those, too.

Zap Cap Style: A variation on the Bottle Opener, the Zap Cap is more of a kitchen or bar tool, and not something that would easily fit into your pocket, unless you wanted a Mae West impersonator to comment on your overall happiness at seeing her. The Zap cap is about the size of a juice glass. It fits over an unopened bottle. You simply push down and it removes the cap, holding the cap with a magnet to ensure a neatly kept bar.

Growler: If you have a local brewpub or brew your own beer, there will be times when a beer on tap really rocks your world. Most brewpubs sell draught beer in growlers, generally 64 ounces, (0.5 U.S. gallons), although they may also be available in 32 ounce sizes, as well as 128 ounce, and 1 and 2 liter sizes. They generally have screw tops, although some have swing Grolsch-style tops. Beer in growlers may keep a week, but freshness of the product suffers the longer it is in the bottle.

Insulated Beer Growler Bag: Standard sizes are available for Growlers. If you are transporting your growler to a beer tasting with friends, on a picnic, or it happens to be bring your beer to work day, use an insulated beer growler bag to maintain the coolness of the fridge.

Bar Towel: Unless you’re Bar Towel Bob with 4,754 unique bar towels and counting, you will only need a few of these for your home bar. These towels generally measure 14” x 17” and are highly absorbent, made of natural fibers like terry cotton.

Kegerator: If you have a favorite beer – one that really rocks your boat, put it on tap with the kegerator. This will keep beer fresh for up to three months.

Beer and Wine Refrigerator: these can often be set with specific temperature controls for the different styles of beer or wine.

Beer Can Chicken Rack and Drip Pan: This rack may be used on an outdoor grill. The open beer can is either placed directly in the center well, or beer can be poured into the center. Add herbs and spices to the beer, stand the chicken up in the can, and grill over coals until finished.

Beer Faucet and Hex Nut Wrench: this is an all-in-one tool for beer tower faucets. It reaches the internal faucet for tightening, as well.

Beer Pump: If you need to transfer your beer from one container to another, you would need either a self-priming or a pump with a magnetic drive. Self-priming pumps are for cool, uncarbonated beer. Magnetic drive pumps are for the transfer of hot liquids, just after sparging or when recirculating wort.

Beer Tasting Set with Wooden Paddle: The paddle has room for 4 small beer glasses, all which can hold a different beer. It is perfect for introducing newbies to the expansive flavors of craft beer.

Beer Tasting and Hops Appreciation kit: for real beer connoisseurs, this beer tasting kit features 13 hop varieties for your tasting pleasure.

Classic Beer Glasses: Spiegelau makes the classic collection of beer glasses. Although many different shapes are available, most beers can be served well in 4 styles: the pilsner, wheat beer glass, pint and tulip.

Chalk Board Tap Handle: Your home bar may have some of your homebrews up for service. Serve them in style with their very own bar handle, marked in chalk.

Brew Cave Walk-in Beer Cooler and Kegerator: Lifesize rendition of the kegerator, but with so much more!

Get your own:
Beer Tasting and Hops Appreciation Kit

In the style of a Zap Cap:
Be Open Beer and Soda Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel

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