Blast of Tempest

Blast of Tempest
Blast of Tempest (which is known as Zetsuen no Tenpesuto in Japan) is an anime based on a manga series written by Kyo Shirodaira, and illustrated by Arihide Sano and Ren Saizaki.

Mahiro Fuwa is a high school boy whose sister was mysteriously murdered about a year before the start of the series. Fuwa leaves his friend Yoshino Takigawa behind, and doesn't tell Yoshino where he's going.

The story also focuses on Hakaze Kusaribe; she's the leader of the Kusaribe clan who was stranded on an unknown deserted island. An invisible barrier was placed around the island; however, since the sea is still connected to the rest of the world, she made two dolls, and sent one out with a note in a bottle. It's her hope that the right person will find it.

One day, Yoshino visits the Fuwa family grave, and is approached by a woman looking for Mahiro. He discovers that the woman has a gun, and she is about to shoot Yoshino when Mahiro suddenly appears from out of nowhere and saves him. It turns out that Mahiro found Hakaze's bottle and made a contract with her; if he helps her with her goal, she will help him find his sister's killer. Yoshino ends up joining Mahiro and Hakaze.

As I watched the first episode of this anime series, I became a bit frustrated with it. It took quite a while for the storylines to finally come together and for the story to start making sense. And then at the end, when I thought I understood what was going on, a new piece of information was thrown at the audience that didn't fit with what I thought was going on. As a viewer, I found this to be rather frustrating. As of this writing, I haven't seen beyond the first episode, so I don't know if the story will be easier to follow past this point or not. From what I've seen online, it appears that there are allusions to the works of William Shakespeare in this series.

Animation-wise, Blast of Tempest is pretty standard. That's to say that while the animation isn't bad, there isn't much to make it stand out, either.

Personally, I would recommend Blast of Tempest to anime viewers who are 14 or 15 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Blast Of Tempest242012-ongoingMasahiro AndoBonesAniplex USA

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