Say I Love You

Say I Love You
Say, "I Love You." is an anime series based on a manga series by Kanae Hazuki.

Mei Tachibana is a 16-year-old high school student who doesn't have any friends. Over the years, what few friends she had made had stabbed her in the back; Mei has taken a stance that she doesn't need friends and doesn't go out of her way to try to be friendly to anyone.

One day, she has a run-in that involves Yamato Kurosawa, the most popular boy in school. Even though Yamato has girls practically throwing themselves on him, he becomes interested in Mei. After Mei accidentally kicks Yamato for something he didn't do, his interest only increases. He keeps trying to say hi to her, and he eventually has an awkward conversation with her. Yamato tries to have Mei trade numbers with him, but she won't give him her number. Even though he doesn't get her number, Yamato still gives his to Mei and tells her to call anytime.

Mei works after school in a bakery, and one night she finds herself being stalked by one of the bakery's regular male customers. She slips into a convenience store and tries to call her mom, but no one is home. Out of desperation, she calls Yamato, and he comes to her aid. Yamato surprises Mei with the plan he has to get rid of the stalker. The series follows Mei and Yamato and how their relationship develops.

By the time I finished watching the first episode of the series, I thought there was an interesting premise involved, but I wasn't entirely convinced by Yamato's initial attraction to Mei. It didn't feel natural; in fact, it kind of felt forced in order for the story to advance. The rest of the story that I saw in the first episode was interesting, but I wish the whole impetus of the series comes across more believable than it does; because of that, the series is a little weaker than it might have been otherwise. Hopefully, future episodes will be able to help compensate for this weakness.

Content-wise, there's a bit of emphasis on girls' bodies, due to Yamato's best friend being a typical high school boy who fixates on girls with big breasts. However, what little bit of "fanservice" that is in this series isn't very pervasive or "in your face."

Personally, I would recommend Say, "I Love You." to anime viewers who are 15 or 16 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Say, "I Love You"132012Takuya SatoZEXCSSentai Filmworks

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