Kuroko no Basuke Season Two Episode One Recap

Kuroko no Basuke Season Two Episode One Recap
The episode opens on two men discussing the strongest contenders for the winter cup. It is a basic reintroduction to the characters from the last season with a couple new names dropped. The five prodigies from Teiko Middle School are mentioned.

Those five prodigies are Kise Ryota, from Kaijo High, Aomine Daiki, from Touou Academy, Midorima Shintaro, from Shutoku High, Muraskibara Atsushi, from Yosen High, and Akashi Seijuro from Rakuzan High.

The captain of Kaijo High, Kasamatsu Yukio, is mentioned as are four central players from Seirin High. Those players are Kiyoshi Teppei, the center who has returned from injury, Hyuga Junpei, the captain of the team and a clutch shooter, Izuki Shun, the point guard of the team with an eagle eye view of the court, and Kagami Taiga, the freshman ace.

Kuroko Tetsuya isn’t mentioned at all, which isn’t unusual considered his playstyle. From the first season, we learned quite a bit about Kuroko. He’s a quiet guy who can disappear on the court. He is a master of passing and was known as the phantom member of the Generation of Miracles from Teiko Middle School.

After the characters are introduced, we get into the real meat of the episode. The Seirin High basketball team are sitting at a restaurant, eating a meal, and discussing what they want to do with their time. One of the first years mentions a street basketball tournament, which the coach quickly vetoes. But Teppei manages to convince her to let the first years go.

When they go to the area where the street ball tournament is being held, however, Teppei has tagged along even though he’s not a first year. The Serin team runs into the Seiho team who say that the reason they’re at the tournament is to take a break from studying for their finals, since they won’t be participating in the Winter Cup. This is because Shutoku and Seirin took the top two spots and only the top two teams from the Inter High are allowed to compete at the Winter Cup.

Seiho gets called to play a match and when the Seirin team members rush to see how the game is going, Seiho has already been beaten. Kagami recognizes the man standing in the center court as Himuro Tatsuya, the guy who took him under his wing in America and taught him how to play basketball. They grew close and claimed one another as brothers.

We’re shown the backstory between the two and how, as Kagami’s skill in basketball grew, the rivalry between him and Himuro grew. Though the two of them were sworn brothers, it got to a point that they were 49-49 against each other and Himuro took Kagami aside one day. He told Kagami that if he lost the next game, then he could no longer call himself Kagami’s older brother. Because of this, Kagami choked up in the last game they played and went easy on Himuro.

After the game, Himuro insisted they play another game with the ring connecting the two of them on the line. The anime switches back to present day, where Kagami is indecisive about whether or not he wants to play against Himuro. This is where Kuroko makes his entrance by pushing the dog, Number 2, in Kagami’s face. He tells Kagami that he doesn’t like it when the man is indecisive and that the situation that has arisen is Kagami's fault, because he went easy on Himuro during their last game.

That decides Kagami, who agrees to go head-to-head with Himuro with everything he’s got and the game is just about to start when a purple-headed, candy-carrying teen walks into the middle of the tip-off and lays a piece of candy on top of the ball and tells everyone to wait. Kuroko recognizes him and greets the newcomer as Murasakibara Atsushi, who returns the greeting with an ominous “I want to crush you.”

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