Can You Relieve Holiday Stress with Scented Baths?

Can You Relieve Holiday Stress with Scented Baths?
Holiday Shopping Got Your All Worn Out?

If holiday shopping's got you all worn out, there's nothing like taking a long relaxing bath. There's nothing more pleasurable than stepping into a warm bath filled with your favorite scents. But your bath doesn't have to just cleanse your body.

You can take detoxing baths, stress relief baths, sensual baths and of course relaxing baths.

What Are the Components of a Relaxing Bath?

Hippocrates says, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day." I agree with Hippocrates. I love aromatic baths and massages.

Water is the first ingredient of your relaxing bath. Not only is water necessary for health but water purifies, feeds and sustains all life as we know it. It's a known fact that the lack of water will bring disease, drought and starvation.

The ancient Egyptians used baths as a way to heal the spirit and they knew that baths scented with certain aromatic blends were believed to produce magical effects on your body.

They also knew that perfumed oils were used to treat body and psyche. That's leads me to the second ingredient of a relaxing bath. Essential oils. When used alone, mixed with a carrier oil or in a synergistic blend they will provide the beautiful scents for your relaxing bath.

I used the beauty of essential oils to create my relaxing baths when my parents became ill. The only place of solitude for me was my bathroom. When I needed to find a place of refuge, the bath tub saved my life. My bath tub was always surrounded by containers filled with bath salts but the real beauty of scent came when I personally discovered essential oils.

I was in a health food store, this is when they actually sold "real" essential oils and a demonstration was being done on aromatherapy. I felt like I'd been hit over the head with a scented brick. I remember the woman saying, " you only need 1-2 drops per bath and don't add them until you stop running your water." Since the bath had saved my life, I wanted to hear and learn more. This encounter opened the door for me to enter the scented world of aromatherapy and essential oils.

I didn't forget about holiday shopping wearing you out …

It's time like these when you will want to find a way to immerse yourself into a warm scented bath and release all of the stress, anxiety of holiday madness. Have you ever been cut off by a car the size of Texas when going for a parking space only to realize that the driver is a very mature person that beat you to the space?

You could barely see the top of their head and just as you're about to give up a line or two of some very choice words, they swing the door open and all you can do is laugh.

While this behavior is not limited to the holiday time of the year, it certainly magnifies itself 100 times over this time of year.

So as you're out and about getting your last minute shopping done, remember to have a bottle of your favorite essential oil or scented bath salts waiting on the side of your tub. You can place your tired body into its scented essence and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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