A Man Worthy of Your Heart

A Man Worthy of Your Heart
If I could speak to all the girls and women looking forward to being married for the first time, and to women who may be thinking of being married again, I would ask them to remember that Real Men Imitate Jesus.

From the time I began to notice boys, my thoughts were centered on the boy who would be my boyfriend and the man I would someday marry. Unfortunately, the husband I pictured was often really just a boy, not a man. I fell in love with football heroes, class leaders, movie stars and singers. The boys I loved were smart, good-looking and charming, and often self-centered and shallow. When one of these charmers noticed me, I was willing to give my heart away without thought of what might be in his. I wish I had been given a checklist of qualities to search for.

As I study the bible, I see that the qualities of a good man are unmistakable. A good man imitates Jesus.

    Now, if I were looking for a husband, there are questions I would ask.
  • Are his ideas and convictions influenced by the popular culture or is he influenced by Jesus?
  • Is he not only a good man, but a man who has accepted Jesus as his Savior? Because, no matter how many good things a man does, no matter how many good people he may imitate, his heart is not changed until it belongs to Jesus.
  • The man may be intelligent, strong, rich, and powerful, but is he humble? How does he serve others?

    How does this man treat others?
  • Is he as willing to clean a toilet as he is to fix a car?
  • Does he treat the janitor the same as he does his boss?
  • Does he go out of his way to help someone who cannot return the favor?
  • Is he as polite when speaking to a homeless person as he is when speaking to the pastor?

Jesus came to this earth from the throne of heaven, with all the power of God. He humbled himself and he served. (Philippians 2:5-7)

His disciples called him Teacher and Lord, but Jesus humbled himself and served. His followers do the same. (John 13:12-15, John 13:34-35)

Jesus left the throne of God to become a humble human being. He left glory and power in order to serve. He could have commanded legions of angels. He chose to heal the sick. He served. He served those who were unlovely and unworthy. He chose to sacrifice himself to save others.

A real man serves. He serves willingly. He serves anyone. He serves at personal cost.

Jesus served at a wedding when he saved a father of the bride embarrassment by changing water into wine. He served those in the lowest stages of life when he healed the leper, taught spiritual truth to an immoral woman, and ate with tax collectors. He served when he was tired because the needy followed him. He was eager to serve.

My checklist for choosing a husband? Find out who Jesus is and ask yourself, "Does this man imitate Jesus?"

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