Strange Michigan Laws

Strange Michigan Laws
It is time to visit a state with crazy laws which are still on the books and some that may have been recently repealed. This week, we are going to visit the state of Michigan.

Do you know what a decompression chamber is? A decompression, or hyperbaric chamber, is commonly used for scuba divers to get their bodies used to normal atmospheric conditions after they have been underwater for a long time. Well, in the state of Michigan, it may be all right to kill a dog unless you use a decompression chamber to do it.

If a burglar gets injured while robbing your house, he/she may file a lawsuit against you. Now a lot of these dumb laws have a text with them explaining the law, but this one does not and I have heard of robbers suing homeowners when they get hurt on the property they are robbing, but it is a ridiculous law. How are you supposed to protect yourself, your family and property from a robber without injuring them? There are a lot of dumb laws out there, but, this by far is the dumbest, I have ever heard of.

Well, on with the sillier part of the dumb laws.

Here is a silly one. Anyone in Michigan, age thirteen or above may have a license for a hand gun as long as they have committed a felony. The sad thing about this law is that there are thirteen year old children and younger, who have committed felonies and not just in Michigan.

Did you know that if you are a married woman in Michigan, you must have your husband's permission before you run off to the salon and get your hair cut. So unless you want to be fined or possibly jailed for getting your haircut, you women better ask your hubby for permission. You have been warned.

While this law is on the books, it should also be mentioned that in the city of Detroit, a man may not scowl at his wife on Sunday.

Now if you live in Detroit and you own a mini-golf or putt-putt golf facility, it must be closed for business by 1 AM. So get your midnight golfing in before then.

If you own a pig in Detroit, it is unlawful to let him run in the streets unless he has a ring in his nose.

Finally, we will close with a visit to a town called Clawson. If you are a farmer in Clawson and you own pigs, horses, chickens, is illegal for you to sleep with them.

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