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All of the articles here on the Crime Site are organized into categories. Browse through these categories to find the content you're looking for.

Crime Prevention
Crime can happen to anyone, but the more informed you are about certain crimes, the less likely you´ll become a victim of them. Get valuable tips and info here.

Forensic Science
Forensics or forensic science, is the application of scientific practices which aids law enforcement in the process of locating and collecting evidence at crime scenes, which is processed in labs.

All about assassinations and unsuccessful attempts on the lives of political leaders.

Book/Movie Reviews
Take a look at my thoughts about books and movies based on true crime cases.

Costumed Criminals
Articles will focus on killers who wore costumes, i.e. clowns. men dressed as women, etc..

Crime Movies and TV
Movies and TV shows that deal with murder, courtrooms, prisons, and other crime in general will be featured here.

Crimes Against Kids
This category includes cases with any type of crime against children; that is, anyone under the age of 18. Murders, kidnappings and abuse cases can be found here.

Dumb Crimes and Criminals
Articles about dumb criminals, also known as the "What was he/she THINKING?" files. There will also be articles about dumb crimes as well.

Internet Scams and Crimes
Scams and crimes on the internet have been around as long as it has existed for public use. These articles will tell you about the scams and crimes being perpetrated on the internet and in social medi

Miscellaneous Articles
This subject is for articles that are more or less generic or do not really fit under any of the other subject headings.

Old West Crime
This will have articles about crimes and criminals and law enforcers of the Old West.

Organized Crime
This subject will house articles relating to the Mafia and key figures of the Mafia and other criminal organizations.

Serial Killers
Serial killers are undoubtedly the most well-known of all killers, due to their body counts. Learn about Bundy, Gacy, Manson and more here.

Strange Laws
In one state it is illegal for a person to carry an ice cream cone in their back pants pocket. In another state, you need a permit to take a bath in your own home.

Today in Crime History
This is where I will write articles about a significant crime that happened on a specific date in history, around the world.

Weird and Strange Crimes
These articles are about weird and strange crimes that have been perpetrated around the world. Crimes that are definitely out of the ordinary.

Women in Crime
This subject will have articles that are about women involved with crime throughout history, either as the perpetrator or the victim.

World Prisons
These articles will be about prisons, both famous and infamous, throughout the world. Read about how criminals were treated and what prisons were escaped from.

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