Biblical Boys Names - J through R

Biblical Boys Names - J through R
Jacob _______It means 'He grasps the heel' or 'deceiver' See Most popular boys names.

James _______A Greek name that could be derived from Jacob. Read more about James.

Jason _______In Greek, ‘healing’

Jedidiah ____Loved by the Lord

Jeremiah ____Possible meanings, ‘the Lord establishes’, ‘the Lord exults’, ‘the Lord loosens’, the Lord hurls’. He was a prophet.

Jesse _______He was the father of King David.

Jesus _______The name comes from the Greek form of the name Joshua, which means The Lord saves’ See Who is Jesus? , Jesus is Known by These Names and Is Jesus God?

Joah ________In Hebrew, ‘the Lord’s brother’

Joash _______In Hebrew, ‘the Lord has given’

Joel ________In Hebrew, ‘the Lord is God’ -- Jah-El means Yahweh (Jehovah-the Lord) is God. Read about him.

John __________In Hebrew, ‘God has been gracious'
Read about John the Baptist.

Jonah__________In Hebrew, 'dove' -- Read about Jonah.

Joseph ________It means ‘may God add’ Read more.

Joshua ________It means ‘Yahweh (the Lord) is salvation’ See Most Popular Boys Names

Judah ________May be derived from the Hebrew word for 'praise.'

Jude _________ Probably short for Judas. Jude has a book in the Bible. Read about him here. -- More about Jude and the letter he wrote.

Levi __________From the verb ‘to attach oneself’

Lo-Ammi ______In Hebrew, ‘not my people’

Luke __________Disciple and beloved physician

Malachi _______In Hebrew, ‘my messenger’

Malkiel _______In Hebrew. ‘God is king’

Manasseh _____In Hebrew, ‘causing to forget’

Mark ________Roman, meaning ‘large hammer’ Read about Mark, a Bible Success Story

Matthew _____Aramaic for ‘gift of God’
See Most Popular Boys Names.
Read about Matthew in The Apostle Matthew

Mesha _______In Hebrew, ‘salvation’

Methuselah __In Hebrew, ‘man of the javelin’

Micah _______It means Who is like Yah(weh)?(God)

Michael _____It means Who is like El(ohim)? (God)

Moses _______Sounds like the Hebrew for 'draw out.'

Nabal __________Hebrew for 'fool'

Nahum __________From the Hebrew word for 'comfort or comforter'

Nathan ________Hebrew for 'gift'

Nathanail _____Hebrew for 'God has given'

Nehemiah _______Hebrew for 'The Lord has compassion'

Nethanel _______Hebrew for 'Gift of God'

Nethaniah ______Hebrew for 'the Lord has given'

Nicodemus _____'Conqueror of the people'

Nicolas _______'Conqueror of the people'

Nimrod _______ 'The Rebel' He was a mighty hunter in defiance of the Lord, known to be a hunter of men.

Noadiah ________Hebrew for 'meeting with the Lord'

Noah __________He built the ark. He did everything the Lord commanded.

Obadiah _______Hebrew for 'servant of the Lord'

Obed __________Hebrew for 'worshipper'

Obil __________Hebrew for 'camel driver'

Obed _________Hebrew for 'restorer'

Onam and Onan __Hebrew for 'strong

Onesimus ____Greek for 'profitable'

Palti ________Hebrew for 'the Lord delivers'

Penuel _______Hebrew for 'the face of God'

Perez ________Hebrew for 'a bursting forth'

Peter _______rock

Pharaoh _____'Great House'

Philip ______He was an evangelist.

Reuben ______He was one of Jacob's sons. His mother, Leah named him Reuben "because the Lord has seen my misery." Read about him here.

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