Clocks - Dream Symbols

Clocks  - Dream  Symbols
Clocks are symbols of time passing, of growing older and aging. What does it mean if you dream about clocks, whether they are wrist watches or large grandfather clocks?

Is the clock a soothing presence in the dream? Is it the steady tick-tock of a grandfather clock as you sit in a living room? That could mean that you are comfortable with how life is going, with the things you are experiencing. You're ready for the next step.

Is the clock instead a frantic reminder that you're late? Is it the rushed tick-tick-tick of something left undone, or the buzzing alarm of an alarm clock? This means that you feel time has been wasted, that there are things you still have to do that you're running out of time to do. It could be that others are pressuring you to marry, have kids, go to college, or take other steps in your life. It could be that you, yourself want to do these things and feel like not much time is left. It's time to start looking seriously at your goals and taking concrete steps to achieve them.

Is your clock stopped? Do you look at your wristwatch or other clock and realize that it's not even moving? That you thought you had plenty of time but it turns out you were wrong? This is similar to the fast-ticking situation above, but even more urgent. You didn't even get a warning in this situation - it was only by accident, almost, that you realized that you are out of time. This means you REALLY haven't been paying attention to what your goals were and you need to work quickly to catch up, if you want to reach your dreams.

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