How to Keep up with Bible reading Plans

How to Keep up with Bible reading Plans
Bible reading plans are a great resource to help read the entire Bible in a year. At the start of every year you come across a well organized Bible reading plan and order a copy, intending to read the entire Bible in the year. If you have done that before, you deserve a pat on your back for doing just the right thing. Following a Bible reading plan industriously will definitely strengthen your walk with God.

Sadly though, keeping up with a Bible reading plan demands perseverance and even the best of believers falter along the way in their chosen reading schedules. You might be perfectly committed to your reading plan and yet life’s challenges and emergencies may derail your determination. While everyone starts off soaring with ambition and lofty goals to set aside quality time with God’s word, a day or two behind schedule, lack of time and other restricting factors soon force believers to go back to the ease of reading short passages or whatever grabs the attention.

What are some of the things you could do to make sure you study the Bible through the year without any setbacks?

• Pray. Bible Study and prayer are inseparable. Make sure you ask God to help you through with your Bible reading plans in your daily prayers. Rely on Him to open out the riches of His word. If possible find few believing friends to pray for you and your commitment to study God’s word systematically.

• Failures need not snuff out your desire for God’s word. Life’s uncertainties may strike out at any time, making you miss out on your reading plans. Be aware of this but don’t get depressed with this and give up just because you face failures now and then.

• Make up on lost time. Even if you do manage to follow your Bible reading plan only partly, make up for it on weekends or evenings or whenever possible. Make your plans a priority and treat it as a must do activity each day.

• Never hurry up your reading just to keep up with the plan. Take time to read slowly, understand what you read and invite the Holy Spirit to guide you through with applying God’s word to your life.

• Journal what you learn and look up your notes if time is a constraint and you do miss out on the plan. The nuggets of wisdom you have gathered over time will urge you to get back with your Bible reading plan.

The Word of God guards the believer from the ways of the world, nourishes the soul and speaks out God’s will and purposes. Thankfully God knows this more than you and I do and He is the only one who can keep you from falling and failing in our Bible reading plans.

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