Crazy Alabama Laws

Crazy Alabama Laws
Okay it is time to visit some crazy laws still on the books and in this article we are going to the crazy state of Alabama. I have read some crazy laws but some of the laws in Alabama are the craziest. If you live in the city of Anniston and are walking down Noble Street, you better not be wearing blue jeans because it is illegal to wear them on Noble Street.

If you are in a church in Auburn, Alabama, do not spit on the floor because it is against the law to do so. While on the subject of churches, it is illegal to impersonate clergy in Alabama and it is also against the law to wear a fake mustache in church that causes laughter from the congregation. If you like to play dominoes, you may as well go to church on Sunday because it is illegal to play the game on Sundays.

Now while the things that I mentioned are illegal to do in Alabama, it is perfectly legal for someone to marry their brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, etc... because incestuous relationships are perfectly legal in Alabama. Insert your own joke here.

However, if you do enter this type of relationship, your “partner” cannot be a virgin because in Alabama, it is illegal to deflower a virgin and can face up to five years in jail or this offense. So if your sister or brother is a virgin, you better go to Mississippi, Georgia, or Florida to consummate the relationship.

It is illegal or you to drive your car the wrong way down a one way street, if, you have a lantern on your car. So take the lantern off if you feel the need to drive the wrong way down a one way street. Also, do not do it blindfolded because it is illegal to drive a car while blindfolded down any street in Alabama. Also make sure you have windshield wipers on your car because it is illegal to drive it without them being on.

Have you ever walked down the street while eating an ice cream cone and just get tired of holding it after awhile so you decide to stick it in your back pocket? Well, do not do this in Alabama because it is against the law to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket. You will just have to hold it or maybe put it in your front pocket.

Finally, if you pick your nose and want to flick your booger, do not flick it into the wind because that is illegal to do so in Alabama.

Well, there you go. Some of the craziest laws ever to be written. I hope if you live in Alabama, you pay attention to these laws because they are pretty strict.

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