July Gospel Study

July Gospel Study
I dug deep into my files and found some ideas for Family Home Evening for the year. The idea is that you have a value for the month that you work on as a family. You also have a symbol that will help you remember the value you are working on for the month. Then there is a scripture to read each day and ideas for family home evening lessons and activities. This is a very flexible plan and you can make it fit the needs of your family.

I am going to share these the end of each month with the ideas for the next month. This week, I am sharing the ideas for the month of July.

July Gospel Study

Value: HERITAGE—Patriotism and Pioneers
Symbol: Flag
Main Scripture: Psalm 33:12
Songs: “America the Beautiful” Hymns, no. 338
“Book of Mormon Stories” Children’s Songbook, p. 118
“Whenever I Think About Pioneers” Children’s Songbook, p. 222
“Come, Come Ye Saints” Hymns, no. 30

Date Scripture Summary
1 Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
2 Ether 2:12 This is a choice land for those who serve Jesus Christ
3 2 Nephi 1:5-7 None come to this land except by the Lord. Land is consecrated
4 2 Nephi 10:10-14 America- land of liberty
5 1 Nephi 2:20 Keep commandments will prosper. (see indx Prom. Land)
6 1 Nephi 17:37,38 Raiseth up a righteous nation
7 1 Nephi 13:12,13 Columbus, Pilgrims
8 1 Nephi 13:14-16 Gentiles to scourge Lamanites, to prosper, to be humble
9 1 Nephi 13:17,18 American Revolution
10 D&C 109: 54 Prayer that constitution be maintained
11 D&C 101:77,78 Constitution established to protect moral agency
12 D&C 101:79,80 Purpose of Constitution: No man should be in bondage
13 D&C 98:5-7 Befriend constitutional law as justifiable before the Lord
14 Article of Faith #12 Obeying, honoring and sustaining the law
15 D&C 58:21 Let no man break the laws of the land
16 D&C 134:1,2,6 Government is instituted of God for benefit of man
17 D&C 98:8-10 Lord and law make us free. When wicked rule, people mourn
18 Alma 46:12,13 The Title of Liberty
19 D&C 64:33-35 Out of small things…willing & obedient to eat good of land
20 Isaiah 2:2,3 Lord’s house established in tops of mountains (2 Nephi 12:2,3)
21 Article of Faith #11 We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God
22 D&C 134:4 Religion is instituted of God
23 D&C 136:1-4 Saints organized into companies…
24 D&C 136:5 Company Provisions
25 D&C 136:6 Companies to go prepare for those who tarry
26 D&C 136:7 Men to go as pioneers to prepare spring crops
27 D&C 136:31 Lord’s people must be tried, they are prepared to receive glory
28 D&C 136:8 Each company to care for poor, widows, fatherless
29 D&C 136:9 Companies to prepare houses, fields for those remaining
30 D&C 136:10 Every man to use his influence and property for Zion
31 D&C 136:11,16-17 Faithful shall be blessed

Family Home Evening Lessons
1. FHE Manual: Citizenship, p.179
2. FHE Manual: We Can Choose, p.31 (Obeying Laws)

Gospel Art Lessons
1. 301-303: Lehi and family as pioneers
2. 304: Lehi and his people arrive at the Promised Land
3. 410-415: Pioneer related stories
4. 312: Captain Moroni raises the Title of Liberty

Related Activities
1. Field trip to Pioneer related monument, military monument, cemetery
2. Learn Pledge of Allegiance
3. Have discussion about the Constitution: make a family constitution
4. Make title of liberty on old sheet and stick
5. Make simple flag with white construction paper stapled to straw or stick . Have children draw on stripes, stars
6. Go camping and organize provisions for pioneer hike. Complete July Choices Calendar as family project. (Friend, July 1995 p.24)
7. Have a neighborhood July 4th or Pioneer Day Parade or just have a family parade
8. Talk about what it means to be in bondage or to be free. Tie children or their hands up and talk about physical bondage and spiritual bondage.
9. Do a family service project to care for the poor, widows, fatherless
10. Go to library and find books about Columbus, Pilgrims, American Indians, American Revolution/ Constitution, Pioneers etc.

Related Topics
1. America and Pioneers
2. Other countries and Modern Day Pioneers
3. American Constitution and Laws of the Land
4. Preparation for building of Zion (the New Jerusalem)
5. Showing Respect: Four our country/community, for property, for life, for others (parents, teachers, older people, peers, etc.), for ourselves
6. Genealogy and Family History
7. Freedom

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