Whispers of His Power Book Review

Whispers of His Power Book Review
Amy Carmichael was an accomplished writer who has left behind several books and collections of poems and songs as proof of her ability. However, she was never one to take any pride in what her pen accomplished. Amy Carmichael began to publish her work primarily to bring notice to the plight of children dedicated to be temple prostitutes in India and also to highlight the spiritual conditions of heathen Indians to her counterparts back home.

The Dohnavur Fellowship in South India is the fruit of Amy Carmichael’s persistent efforts to snatch away children in danger in India and lead them to the Gospel of Christ. Though started as a home for children rescued from Temples, the Dohnavur fellowship has become a haven to many Indian children who were drawn by the love of Christ. Amy Carmichael made it a point to personally mentor each of her children at Dohnavur and feed them Bible truths in regular measure in simple language which they could understand. She was truly Amma (meaning mother) to the children and workers at Dohnavur.

Whispers of His Power is a collection of daily devotions penned by Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur, India. An interesting note about these meditations is that none of them was written to be published as daily devotions. The thoughts that form the content of this volume have been weaned out of the innumerable letters written by Amy Carmichael to her children at Dohnavur, many of them during the later part of her life when she was restricted to bed as a result of an accident that curbed her mobility.

Even from within four walls, Amy Carmichael’s love for each of her children at Dohnavur never diminished. Rather than languish in her own disability, Amy Carmichael made it a point to continue mentoring her children by writing notes to them daily. Some of them received these notes even more than once a day. Amy Carmichael’s children never let these notes get lost but preserved them, referring to the truth in these notes during hours of peril. It is from these personal letters that Whispers of His Power took root.

Each day’s devotion begins with a Bible verse and Amy Carmichael’s exposition of the same. The length of the devotions is not uniform. On some days the devotions are small and on others lengthy. However, despite this, each day’s material presents a precious nugget of truth from God’s word to readers. Amy Carmichael beautifully combines Bible verses, anecdotes, poems and personal experience to paint each day’s devotion. Whispers of His Power can be read at any point of day to get quick glimpses into God’s word which can sustain believers through storms they may encounter.

One of the most amazing aspects of Whispers of His Power is that though these meditations were complied in a totally different generation, the depth of truth depicted in each day’s portion is just as applicable in today’s context as it was several decades ago. In this way Whispers of His Power has continued to be a precious addition to other Bible Study aids despite the passage of time and there is no doubt that this book will continue to minister to hungry souls in days ahead.

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