Renaissance Occupations - Merchants

Renaissance Occupations - Merchants
Merchants are those people who did not grow or create items, but rather were devoted to selling the items crafted or grown by others.

Acater - one who provides food provisions to a ship, a provisioner

Ale Draper - a seller of ale

Alewife - a woman who owns or operates an alehouse or ale stand

Apothecary - a druggist or pharmacist (The term is sometimes used to describe the shop itself)

Aubergiste - inn keeper (French)

Beer Seller - a seller of beer

Boniface - inn keeper

Boothman - a person who buys and sells grains of various types

Chandler - dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles; grocer

Chapman - a person who travels the country side selling miscellaneous items

Collier - a person who carries or sells charcoal/coal

Colporteur - a traveling salesman of Bibles and religious books and tracts

Corn Merchant - a buyer and seller of corn

Costermonger - a seller of fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., from a cart, barrow, or stall in the streets. Also known as a "coster"

Duffer - a peddler

Eggler - a seller of eggs

Endholdernn - an innkeeper

Feroner - a dealer in hardware made of iron. Also known as a Ironmonger.

Fishmonger - a seller of fish

Fruiterer - a seller of fresh fruit, sometimes called a "fruitier"

Fueller - a seller of various fuel sources, such as charcoal and wood

Garlicmonger - a dealer in garlic; also garlekmonger

Grecher - a grocer

Green Grocer - a seller of fruits and vegetables

Grocer - the owner or operator of a store that sells general food supplies and certain nonedible household articles, such as soap

Haberdasher - a seller of men's clothing, such as shirts, ties, gloves, socks, and hats

Hawker - a peddler

Hay Merchant - a seller of hay

Hetheleder - a person who sells heather as fuel

Hosteler - an innkeeper

Huckster - a seller of small articles/wares

Innkeeper - the owner and/or operator of an inn

Ironmonger - a dealer in hardware made of iron; also known as a Feroner

Jagger - a peddler or hawker of fish; a fish monger

Jouster - a female hawker of fish; a fish monger

Kepegest - an innkeeper

Lighterman - a person who operates a barge; one who ferries goods from ship to shore on a small boat

Linen-draper - a person who deals in linens, calicos, etc., sometimes referred to as a dry-goods merchant

Mercator - another name for a merchant

Mercer - a seller of epensive textile fabrics such as silk

Monger - a seller of goods (like fish monger, ironmonger, etc.)

Oil Merchant - a seller of oil; also called an "oynter"

Ordinary - an innkeeper; keeper of a fixed price inn

Oynter - an oil merchant

Pannarius - a clothier and draper

Peever - a seller of pepper

Pie Seller - a seller of pies, generally meat pies

Pigman - a dealer in crockery

Piscarius - a fish monger or seller of fish

Plumer - buyer and seller of feathers

Poulter - a seller of poultry such as turkey, chicken and pheasant

Ripper - a fish monger; seller of fish

Salter - one who deals in salt

Skinner - a person who deals in furs and hides

Spice Merchant - a person who deals in spices; also known as a "spicer"

Stationer - a seller of books

Taverner - a person who owns and/or operates a tavern

Unguentary - a seller of unguents or medicinal creams

Victualer - a seller of food and drink; tavern keeper

Vintner - a wine merchant

Waferer - a seller of small cakes called wafers; a confectioner.

Waterseller - someone who sells fresh water from a traveling cart. Also Water Carter or Water Carrier

Wine Merchant - a seller of wine

Wood Merchant - a seller of wood

Wool Stapler - a wholesale buyer/seller of wool

Xylopola - a wood merchant

Yagger - a peddler

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