Zany April Holidays

Zany April Holidays
From taxes to practical jokes, April is chocked full of events, holidays, and celebrations that will make you go, “bwah!?” and “totally cool!” According to Holiday Insights, a website for the bizarre holidays of the year, April is National Humor Month, as well as National Welding Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month, and National Pecan Month, just to name a few. If you like to celebrate, get out your fine entertaining ware! This month has some wonderful ideas!

April 1st, of course, is April Fool’s Day, but! Did you also know that it is International Tatting Day? For four years, tatters from all over the world have gotten together to share tricks, tips, and creations with each other on April 1st. Want to know more about tatting? Then hop over to the Tatting site here at BellaOnline. Beverly Elrod has some wonderful articles and resources on the art of tatting along with some great patterns!

Remember high school and “Senior Skip Day”? Those were the good old days when all the seniors got together and decided to play hooky toward the end of the year—for me, it was the Monday before graduation. Ever wish you could have a “senior skip day” for work? Well, you’re in luck! April 3rd, is Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day. That’s right! You get a vacation on April 3rd! Where did this idea come from? Probably the same senior that started Senior Skip Day! This holiday may be a good one to clear with your boss beforehand. In the event that the boss says no, April 3rd is also Tweed Day. Participate in style!

Jumping ahead a bit in the month of April to April 11—this is the day to celebrate an archaic form of music recordings—the 8-track! That’s right! Today is Eight Track Day. Coincidentally, it is also Barber Shop Quartet Day, so you can listen to the beautiful harmonies of the tunes from the 1940’s on your 8-tracks! Kill two birds with one stone!

April 12th is Russian Cosmonaut Day. April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to be launched into outer space. The Soviet Space Program took off and Yuri became a national hero. You can read more about him in this article.

We all need to laugh—in fact, that is, in part, why I wrote this article! April 14th is the day to do it, for certain. April 14th plays host to the International Moment of Laughter Day. It’s the day before taxes are due. It’s the perfect day to laugh! Laugh away the stress! Add years to your life by laughing! One of my personal favorite ways to laugh is to watch Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill DVD. I remembered most of my history because of that routine. Despite the vulgarity…
We stole countries with the cunning use of flags! “I claim India in the name of Great Britain!” “You can’t claim us! We live here!” “Do you have a flag?” “Well, no, but there’s a lot of us…” “No flag, no country. You can’t have one. Those are the rules I just made up…”

Teenagers everywhere will enjoy April 17—it’s “Blah, Blah, Blah Day.” So, talk to the hand (or whatever the cool thing is to say, nowadays), but make sure you’re not saying that to your teachers or parents! Parents, feel free to say it to your boss—especially if he didn’t allow you to celebrate April 3rd!

April 22nd brings us National Jelly Bean Day—it’s a great low-carb treat! Jelly beans are quite possibly the most perfect snack food. They’re really good, just the right amount of sugar and bite-sized. For more low-carb ideas, check out the Low-Carb site here at BellaOnline. Lisa Shea has some great recipes and articles about healthy eating.

February 14th is generally known as Valentine’s Day—a day of love and romance and celebrating love. But, April 23rd is also a day for love—Lover’s Day. Celebrate your lover—shower them with kisses, or rose petals. Stop by the Relationships channel at BellaOnline for more information, tips, and stories on romance—or how to cope when things just don’t go your way. So, be daring and do something different! April 23rd is also Take a Chance Day. Ask out that girl/guy you’ve been eyeing. The worst they can say is no—and you already aren’t dating them!

The 26th, 27th, and 29th feature days dedicated to foods like pretzels, prime rib, and shrimp scampi and the last day of the month bolsters your conscience—National Honesty Day. If ever there was a time to be honest, the 30th is it. It makes up for April 4th—Tell a Lie Day. Have a great April and celebrate every day—just for being alive!

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