Zany September Holidays

Zany September Holidays
September! It’s back to school time and the scent of Autumn hangs in the air. September is also a month to celebrate! It’s Classical Music Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Little League Month, and Baby Safety Month, among other things. Some of the national and international holidays are astounding. Did you know that September is International Square Dancing Month? I didn’t realize Bosnia square danced! That’s pretty spiffy, in my opinion.

September 1 brings us Emma M. Nutt Day. Who was Emma M. Nutt? She was the first female telephone operator. She started on September 1, 1878, and worked for 33 years. According to Holiday Insights, she was quoted as being very thankful her first name was not Imma.

Moving to the 2nd! Get your guillotines ready because September 2 is National Beheading Day. That’s right! National Beheading Day. Perhaps it’s a national holiday in, say, France where beheadings were rather common place during the French Revolution. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette must have been the ones to establish it as a national holiday – the people had their heads for it!

Be Late For Something Day comes on September 5. Be late for anything you’d like – just not your wedding! Following the Be Late for Something Day is, of course, the Fight Procrastination Day. Just don’t be late for it!

A very important holiday, established in 1965, occurs each year on September 8: International Literacy Day. The UN agreed that literacy is a global problem and established this international holiday to bring attention to it. Literacy for individuals, for families, for communities are all issues that need addressed. Celebrate the ability to read – read to a child. Read to a senior citizen. Read to yourself.

September 12 is a great day for gamers everywhere. It’s National Video Game Day. Since you’ve spent all of one day reading, spend all of one day vegging out with your friends and family. From Atari to PlayStation to Xbox to Wii, console games have come so far. Enjoy yourself! Beat Super Mario Brothers for me!

Moving forward in the month of September, we arrive at the 16th: Constitution Day. It’s the day the Constitutional Congress held their last meeting in 1787. During this meeting, they finalized and signed the Constitution of America. The document then circulated to the states for acceptance and ratification. The Constitution went into effect March 4, 1789.

Lolcats everywhere will love September 18 – it’s National Cheeseburger Day! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Visit this site or this one, or even this one for some examples. It’s an internet meme. Of course, September 28 is Ask a Stupid Question Day. So, if you were going to start your question about lolcats with “This may be a stupid question … ” you’ll just have to wait to ask.

The 30th is a great day for spas: National Mud Pack Day. Hit up your local spa or boutique and get one of the best facials ever! Everything’s better with mud. No, really! Mud masks have minerals in them that are good for your skin. Plus, it’s fun to get dirty to get clean!

See you next month with more outrageous holidays!

For more crazy holidays, visit Holiday Insights.

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