The Biggest Secret

The Biggest Secret
It is my mission to inspire you to acquire true happiness. Each article I write lends some concept or equation that you can utilize in living your fullest life. Sometimes, my words serve as a reminder or confirmation of things you have been intuitively introduced to already. Other times, you may feel that my suggestions are new and different than anything else you have considered. This time, I have chosen to share my most treasured secret to happiness. I talk about it often, but it goes un-watered, ignored, and ill cared for by many. Today, I want you to read me clearly and consider the possibilities.

If you only do this one thing, it will bring you the treasures of life that you desire. If you do this and only this, you will experience awe-inspired happiness. This is not to say that you do not need to do any of the other things that I suggest, just that this alone will bring miracles into your world.

Be careful though, this secret is powerful and can be everything you want or everything you thought you wanted, but really did not.

My secret is The Letter.

Do not be mistaken. This is no ordinary letter. This letter is filled with true emotion and desire. It is very intense, like a letter you would send to a lover. Into that letter you pour your heart so that it reads like the emotion you are feeling. You want your lover to know exactly how and what you are feeling and you want him or her to feel it too. This letter deserves that same intensity. Like the letters that you wrote to Santa, when you were a trusting and imaginative child, this letter should be filled with excitement, awe, and a belief in magic.

To start, find the perfect space to ponder, with ambiance and fluid energy. Use pen and paper that are sumptuous and distinct for the occasion.

Your addressee is Love, chosen because it is a name that is all-inclusive. It is The Universe, God, Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, or whatever name feels appropriate to your solutions.

In this letter you will express to Love the lifestyle that you desire to lead. You will include your desires of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health. You will provide detail and emotion, cause and effect, knowing that this letter has the ability to reach the powers that be and create magic.

Start with “Thank you,” for all of the wonderful things that you currently possess and or experience.

Remember, this letter will bring to you, the exact thing or things that you are asking for and more. So, I urge you to be clear. Define your truest desires. Conjure up the vision of having your request and the emotions to match. This is imaginative and magical yet, real. This is how you define what your heart desires. Once your definition is clear, write your request from your heart. Exactly what you desire and how it will make you feel.

End your letter with gratitude, because you know your request is being answered right now.

Now, decide what you will give up to acquire what you desire. What you give up must be just as valuable to you as your request. It is the first idea that came to mind. Most often, for me, I am driven to give up food. The amount of time I fast varies, and is always a minimum of 24 hours. Set your date and plan it well.

Your letter is very sacred and valuable. Place it in a safe place.

Revisit your letter every 3 months to renew your focus and check your progress.

Enjoy the benefits and share the wealth. Stop by the forum and fill us in when you realize that you have acquired your dreams. Share your success with others and introduce as many people as you can to this wonderful little secret, “We can have anything we truly desire.” Bring loved ones here to read just how and provide testimony to how well it works.

Write your letter as soon as you can. Start your journey to happiness now.

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