Megaman 1 - Original NES

Megaman 1 - Original NES
The original Megaman game was a side-scrolling platformer that featured tinny sound and blitz-quick enemies. This can still be fun to play in modern times!

In this game, Dr. Wright and his helper Dr. Wily are robot makers. The make MegaMan - i.e. your blue character. Dr. Wily goes insane and makes 6 more robots that are bent on destruction. Dr. Wright then alters MegaMan to have a cannon, to go out and take them down.

This is a VERY simple game. You go right and up or down. The screen scrolls by full pages when you move. X jumps, square shoots, and triangle multi-shoots. It comes down to learning the patterns of the enemies, and anticipating them.

On the other hand, unlike modern games which ramp up slowly, MegaMan just blasts into tough gameplay. Expect to die frequently as you learn the skills and figure out the patterns of your enemies.

You start out being able to view the six current bosses and choose which one to take down. These are:

This robot lives in a world of blue flying creatures and red cannons.

This robot lives in a orange cave world with sliding platforms and orange hat-creatures.

IceMan lives in a frozen blue-and-white world with sliding ice floors. You swim with killer penguins and deal with appearing/disappearing

BombMan lives in a world with large, circular buildings and hopping red monsters.

FireMan is of course about flame. There are hopping flames, shooting flames, leaping flames.

This robot lives in a brown and orange world with zappy enemies.

As you defeat each boss, you gain weapons to move on subsequent bosses. So some of your strategy should be about which boss to defeat in order to gain the appropriate weapons to defeat the others.

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