Megaman 2 - NES

Megaman 2 - NES
In Megaman 2, the storyline has changed, but the gameplay is just as fun. This originally came out on the Nintendo base system (NES). Now you have "Dr. Light" who created you, and Dr. Wily who created brand new evil robots.

In this new version you have passwords to leap to saved areas, but no scoring system. All you get for slaying enemies is health boosts. In a REALLY bad "advance", some backgrounds involve flashing / moving pattern graphics which cause your eyes to twitch uncontrollably :)

The screens still do the full-page move when you cross areas. The sound is slightly less tinny than Megaman 1, and the enemies are slightly more detailed. Also, they learned a lesson from game 1 - now the gameplay is easier at first and only becomes more difficult as you get into a given level. That eases up on the frustration factor.

The enemies are:

Woodman is as you might guess in a forest. There are bats above and killer pink bunnies below that shoot danger-carrots. A giant blue flame-dog awaits you below.

This underground blue world has flashing blocks and a slidy floor. Red robots block your way through the maze of passages. Just wait until you meet the pink stomper ...

This is a metallic level with lots of flashing, annoying textures. There are rolling floors, cranes that slame into the ground and slowly falling drills. The eternal monsters gives you unlimited health if you want it. Just blast away!

Blue wave background with white platforms. Green frogs keep you at bay, and red snails. The infamous "falling platforms" are found here.

You're up in the blue sky with jiggling clouds in the background and strange 'statues' floating in the sky. Much of this level involves jumping and not falling.

This is a mario-like level with pipes, curly connectors and even the background music is very similar to the Mario games. You climb up ladders, shoot slowly floating blue bolts against a blue backgrond. The enemies are nice and slow, and you get platform-riding puzzles.

This hot world involves red bricks, streams of lava and copper robots. It also re-uses the blue slow enemies as well.

Here you're going through underground red tunnels with laser beams that shoot out at you. You have to learn the way to get through in order to beat them.

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