Megaman 4 - NES

Megaman 4 - NES
In Megaman 4, the series adds even more robots and improves the graphics again. Industrial robots are on the rampage, fueled by Dr. Wily. Dr Light converted his pal Rock into a fighting robot.

In this update, you get a map, time elapsed, and other details of your gameplay. Note that you can now slide with circle, or jump-right.

This level involves a blue backgrond, rainbows of light and planets and cannons. Slide along the light beams quickly and clambor between the obstacles.

You're underwater here, where your jumps can get you very high. You deal with mines and underwater baddies here including a whale.

Your world is of bones and blue skies here. Keep track of which level you are on to make your jumps.

Shifting orange sands that you sink in with orange blocks occasionally under a black starry sky, plus robo-scorpions and the like. Blue torches light the walls. Hop frequently to cross the sinking sands.

Bright blue backgrond, wiggly tubes, and the lights occasionally go out just for fun when you shoot the flying red things!

The rain is falling on this level, and the water flows beneath you as well. Enemies fall from the sky carrying umbrellas. Flying penguins add color. It's hard to jump into the rain!

You're in a red rock tunnel with pipes and machinery. Slay the hopping angry red robots!

Jumbles of stuff make up the base, and strange tubes are in the sky. Your enemies seem the standard minions of the other levels.

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