Megaman 5 - NES

Megaman 5 - NES
In Megaman 5, still for the Nintendo base system, Dr. Light has been kidnapped. ProtoMan is apparently behind the deed. MegaMan, his dog and his bird must save the day!

Stone underground tunnels are the landscape for hard-hat minions and flying beetle-birds

YOu're on a spaceship with robots and strange equipment. If you watch the arrows, it tells you which way the gravity is pointing! It can get you dizzy playing upside down :) The boss involves a gravity-swapping fight.

Let's guess - yes! You're in a world full of crystals and strange glass tubes. The enemies are robots with bouncy ball heads, and falling ice crystals.

The background here is an electric train, and you're under attack from Nazi helicopters dropping little bombs. In other scenes, zoomy trains behind you make you dizzy. Very, very bizarre.

You're in a jungle world with tigers and spike traps, Vietnam anyone?

Lots of trees and broken vents litter this world.

This is a space level with stars and planets in the background. The gravity is light, letting you jump extra high. Meteors rain down from the sky. This is one of those levels where it's hard to tell which holes to avoid and which to jump into.

This is a world of blue sky, white clouds and elevators. Robots with shields like to keep you company. There are also floating shield-bots.

You would think in general by this point that your bot could shoot diagonally or up - but noooooooo ....

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