Crazy Mississippi Laws

Crazy Mississippi Laws
Hello Folks, it is time to visit some crazy laws that are still on the books in every state and country around the world. This month we will be checking out some of the crazy laws in Mississippi. There are a few laws that are inappropriate for a family magazine web site so I will be staying away from those.

On with the fun.

In Mississippi, it is illegal for one to swear or use profane language in public. If one is caught, he/she faces up to a 100 dollar fine.
If someone is “keeping house” with someone other than their spouse, they will be arrested and can receive jail time for six months or face a fine of 500 dollars or even both.

It is also illegal for any man to gain a woman’s favor by lying to her and telling her that he wants to marry her. Would a man really do that? Hmmm…

This one makes no sense either. If someone in Mississippi is arrested for vagrancy, like a bum or a homeless person I guess, then they can either pay a fine of 250 dollars or face thirty days in jail. So, they will punish someone who is down on their luck by telling them they have to pay a hefty fine, which they don’t have anyway if they are vagrants, or they will face jail time. After the thirty days and are released, can they be arrested for vagrancy again once they leave the police station, still down on their luck?

If one gets caught rustling cattle in Mississippi, that person will be hanged. This law, I am sure, goes back to the days of the Old West. Cattle rustling and horse stealing were hanging offenses in just about every territory and state in the United States then. What if the cattle rustlers are vagrants though?

This is a very curious law but if someone is a parent to two illegitimate children. That parent will go to jail for at least a month. Does this mean that it is okay to have one illegitimate child or three or more?
Now, we will go visit a couple different cities in Mississippi, and check out their crazy laws.

First we will visit Tylertown where it is illegal for a man to shave in the middle of Main Street.

In Ridgeland, if one has exterior bars on doors and windows to prevent burglars from breaking in, and if they are viewable from the street, they have to come down. I guess your burglar bars should be on the inside of the house.

Well, there you have it. Some of the crazy laws still on the books in Mississippi. Join me next month as we look at a different state or country and their crazy laws still on the books.

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