Amish Mafia: Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Amish Mafia: Season 3 Episode 2 Recap
When the last episode of Amish Mafia left off, Alvin and Jolin were pulled over by the police. After a fast chat with the cops, they were told to exit the vehicle. Nervously they watched while the police searched their truck. Jolin had stashed a gun in the backseat, amazingly, after a thorough search, the police found nothing. These guys are playing with fire and they were very lucky to not have gotten caught.

Lebanon Levi has sent Big Steve on a plane to collect an Amish girl who has run away, and Steve is completely bewildered by the airport. After finally getting on the plane, he grosses out his fellow passengers by loudly eating sausage and cheese and freaking out when in the air. Once on the ground, he takes a taxi to a suburban household and literally breaks down the door, grabs the girl, and escapes in the cab. Gotta love this show, it never disappoints.

Merlin and Wayne are in a big fight over Wayne's English girlfriend. Merlin secretly takes her on a buggy ride and then gives her a peacock feather. In the Amish world, a peacock feather means a man is serious about you. Wayne finds out and freaks out, demanding that she convert immediately to the Amish faith. The scene ends without a permanent solution.

John is suddenly the focus of a new character, Paul the constable. He is all over John trying to get him to rat out certain members of the mafia, and John refuses. Finally, he meets him on a bridge and divulges certain info.

Caleb is now in charge of throwing a field party, which is where Amish kids go wild. Honestly, watching the scenes this Editor felt like I was back in high school. Binge drinking, fighting, people throwing up on the grass...Ahhh memories. Alas, their party is broken up by the police, but not after Caleb is able to pocket a substantial amount of cash. He then meets up with Levi who lectures him but then pipes down when he sees the money.

It turns out that John, as usual, is shooting himself in the foot. He is trying to get back into Levi's gang, but he was the one who tipped off the police about the field party! Esther is at her wits end trying to walk a fine line between Levi and her brother.

Finally, Levi attends a large get together with other Amish leaders. They are upset that he is letting filming of the show continue, exposing the Amish ways. Levi leaves in a huff, mumbling that he is the head of the community and should be respected.

Levi and Esther keep up their flirtation, and Esther works her magic to keep her family safe. But for how long? We will just have to wait until next time to find out.

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