Inflammation Treatment for Crohn's & IBS

Inflammation Treatment for Crohn's & IBS
Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme product based on the same enzyme that is created by the silk worm to eat the tough leaves of the mulberry tree as well as their own cocoons. This enzyme has been in use in Europe and the Orient for many different conditions for over 30 years. It has proven to be effective at reducing inflammation and has next to no known side effects. It may be your answer for Crohn’s disease or inflammatory bowel condition.

I first heard about Serrapeptase about five years ago and I purchased it for a sinus condition that I had. It felt like my nose was always swollen. At the same time I also was suffering from a bout of psoric arthritis under a patch of psoriasis on my right knee which I was not feeling hopeful about. I was stunned and amazed to find that the serrapeptase cleared both conditions within a week, never to return! I immediately went out and purchased a book about serrapeptase to see what else it was capable of.

There were so many claims as to what it could do that I found it hard to believe, but yet here I was cured of two inflammatory conditions in a week. The psoric arthritis was a real surprise. That condition was extremely painful and from what I had read there was really no hope for cure, only palliation through the use of dangerous steroid like drugs.

Now it is five years later and neither condition has returned.
Then thourgh my research into Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome I found out that some people were using this product successfully to calm the inflammation of the bowel instead of using steroids. Some people reported almost instant pain relief! Yet I was still skeptical! How can one product treat so many conditions?

I had the chance to ease my skepticism for I have had an irritable bowel issue for almost 8 years. This past month if flared again and it was one of the most painful episodes I had ever had. I could feel the inflammation from my cecum to my splenic flexure. It was like being constantly aware of my large intestine all the time with soreness and a feeling of heaviness. I am wrestling to determine what brought this on and I suspect that I had been eating too much of my home made whole wheat bread. Gluten and carbohydrates have always proven a poor choice for my gut.

Serrapeptase has been well researched in Europe and the Orient. Pubmed does have some studies on its anti-inflammatory properties. Dr Hans Nipier, a German physician, used serrapeptase and recorded its effects for alleviating cardiac and vascular diseases though its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to clear clogged arteries. This enzyme not only reduces inflammation but clears out all non living tissues in the body including plaque and clots. It has anti-fibrogenic activity. That means it will keep your blood from overly clotting and it may be an adjunct or replacement for drugs like Coumadin. (please consult a Naturopathic Physician if you decide you want to try this!)
But surely for the average person out there only contending with small issues like joint and injury pain serrapeptase may be the supplement of choice. It will not cause bleeding or ulcers they way ibuprofen, aspirin can. Nor does it have the liver toxicity effects of drugs like Tylenol or other adverse events found with naproxin, even with long term dosing. The only side effects found with long term usage was that it caused some GI upset in elderly, but it is rare. Surely this is has to be a far superior choice to the conventional anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs available.

But what is more remarkable is that Serrapeptase is having good anti-inflammatory effects in conditions that have typically required serious steroid use or strong cox 2 inhibitors like Vioxx and Bextra. These drugs have been removed from the market due to the deaths they caused. Celebrex, which carries a strong FDA warning, continues to be with us and possibly doing damage to many. Since the demise of Vioxx and Bextra, conventional physicians have turned to other scary drugs like Enbril that have severe and possibly life threatening poisoning effects. For the most part, with Crohn’s or irritable bowel, corticosteroids are used for inflammation, such as prednisone, which have severe side effects, that greatly disturb the immune system, promote gut dysbiosis, can cause rebound effects, and may lead to diabetes and all the complications thereof.

Below you will find a link to a book on how to use Serrapeptase for a multitude of conditions. This company carries some fine products that you may be interested in that combine herbs and vitamins that may well be worth your investment. I have had success with a brand called Doctors Best and I will provide the links below.

I strongly recommend that if you have Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel with inflammatory symptoms that you give Serrapeptase a try. It will cost you little and in the end it could save you a lot.

A Book to Learn More About Serrapeptase Here

Doctor's Best Serrapeptase - at a good price

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