Exploring Your Religion

Exploring Your Religion
Getting to know you is priceless. By doing so you get to know what inspires you, what you need to complete a task, and what will move you into the next greatest moment of your life. There are many ways to analyze who you are and what you stand for, assessing your religion is one. This article is a series of questions that you should ask yourself. When you are ready to take this step make certain to be honest with yourself about how this major topic shapes your life and inspires your growth. There are no right or wrong answers.

Religion is a sacred concept for people all over the world. For many it is the reason to live and the reason to die. For others it is the definition of right and wrong. What is religion to you?

When is the last time you have taken the time to evaluate your religion? When did you come into your faith? What brought you to it? Are you a part of your religion because it is a member of your family? Did you come into it because of a spouse or friend?

What do you expect of your religion? Should it inspire you to live righteously? Should it teach you right from wrong? Should it wash you of all of your sins? Should it create forgiveness in you? Should it create forgiveness for you?

Does your religion inspire you to live a fuller life? Does it encourage you to soar and explore God/Allah/etc. for yourself?

Are the values of your religion in alignment with what you truly believe in? Do you think you should align your values with the values of your religion? When a crime is committed, do your views match the views of the religion that you belong to? Is there forgiveness or condemning?

What about your congregation? Have you created a personal mission statement? Have you made certain that your mission statement is in alignment to the mission statement of your congregation? Is your congregation’s mission statement in alignment with the core message of your religion?

What are the service missions of your congregation? Are you involved in your congregation’s service missions? Does your congregation support the things dearest to your heart? Does it encourage you to listen to your heart?

Are you certain that your religion is the perfect fit for you? Does your religion stand up to your expectations? Have you explored other religions? What are your views on Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanism?

Religion is Christian, Muslim, Judaism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Wiccan, Hinduism, and many faiths in between. Religion is strength and inspiration. It carries far and wide. It can create peacefulness for the individual and can create war for the masses. It is power and humility.

Have you assessed your religious beliefs and where you stand in your faith? What specifically does religion do for you?

The answers to these questions can define the being that you will become forever. Analyze your results and decide if your religion is a good fit for you or whether it is time to explore other options. Decide if your religion is a source of good inspiration for you or stress and fear. Getting to know the answers to these questions can inspire you to change the path of your existence. Do it.


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