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Home Fragrance Straight From Your Garden

When you think of home fragrance, most of you think of a candle or can of spray that will provide you with a beautiful aroma for your home environment. But have you ever considered creating a garden space that would provide you with aromatic blends whenever you saw fit?

This is absolutely possible when you create home fragrances straight from your garden. Don't let the word garden scare you away from natural scents and beautiful aromas. A pot garden will work just as well.

Aromatic flowers and herbs have always been kept in and around the house. Whether you realize it or not, flowers and herbs attract happiness, health, prosperity and good fortune.

In our hurried lifestyle, we've lost a lot of the tradition of the elders about planting in general, imagine what we've lost when it comes to beautiful scent gardens. We plan the color of our interior rooms and placement of furniture but have you ever given any thought to the herbs and flowers outside your door.

Flowers and herbs also have folklore and old wives tales associated with them so,
Let's take a look at some flowers and herbs to consider for your garden: and what type of folklore might be part of their story.

Basil - While basil is known for its aroma in the kitchen, it's also said to ward off fear and draw in money. When planted as part of your herb garden it will provide the air with a very soft and flavorful aroma.

Chamomile is known to relax and provide you with a good nights sleep. It's also good for moodiness and anxiousness. It's beautiful plant brings sunshine into your home.

Honeysuckle planted at your door or along your back fence will provide you with the sweetest aroma for weeks, especially in early spring. Folklore says it turns away doubt and fears and keeps you safe. Could it be that the beauty of its smell brings with it joy and happiness, therefore you forget all about your doubts and fears?

Jasmine the night bloomer is bound to awaken the passion within you. Its natural essence is intoxicating.

Lavender is the all purpose flower. It's great for your skin and your hair but have you ever stood in the middle of a Lavender Garden? It's like being in scented heaven.

Roses known as the flower of love are staples in most gardens. Some people only have rose gardens, that's just how much they adore the scent.

Rosemary is a very fragrant bush to have as part of your garden. You can pick it at any time rub it in your hands and enjoy the beauty of it aroma. When dried, it makes a great seasoning for meats and vegetables.

Sage is the smell that becomes part of the kitchen aroma during holiday time. But when dried and added to charcoal it's used to smudge rooms of negative energy.

This is a small list of flowers and herbs that will make a wonderful scented garden. Whether it's inside your home as a bouquet of flowers, an infused scented body oil potion or outside your home as the garden that graces the entrance of your door, flowers and herbs are definitely a way to add fragrance to your environment. During a still night or the breeze of a soft wind, you'll experience the beauty of their true essence.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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