Eight Reasons to Invest

Eight Reasons to Invest
Investing is necessary for anyone's future. It is important to stay motivated to weather the ups and downs in investing. Each of us has our reasons to invest. Knowing your reasons can keep you motivated.

A secure future. One reason to invest is to prepare for a more secure future. Pensions have gone the way of the dinosaur for most people. There is considerable questions surrounding the future of benefits from the Social Security Administration. Saving and investing on your own is a way to add back some security in an insecure financial world.

Financial freedom. Investing is one way to create financial freedom. Image it...no debt, no bill collectors, no boss. The freedom to do what you want each day and still be able to afford the things you need and want to buy. You create an independent income through income producing investments. This creates the ability to walk away from your job and boss.

Your own home. Many people want to buy their own home. A place to raise a family. A safe haven to do with as you wish. Investing provides the returns to get that down payment.

College education. Do you want your child to go to college? A college education is deemed essential in today's job market. Many people invest to grow their money enough to pay for a child's education. This way the child doesn’t start out in life burdened by student debt.

Income stream. Savings accounts are paying next to nothing in the United States. In order to get higher returns one needs to turn to the stock market. Investing can provide an income stream to those in retirement that bank accounts are not able to provide.

Diversification. Diversifying where your money is kept is important. Just as savings accounts are so low paying, they do not add diversity. Investing in stocks and bonds adds diversity so that your money is not stuck in one place.

A big purchase. Perhaps you have a special item or trip you have always wanted. Put your money to work by investing it and you have a good chance of affording that special purchase. A trip to Europe, an in-ground pool, or a boat are some of the things that can be afforded through investing.

Start a business. Investing can provide startup capital to open your own business. Businesses take a lot of capital to get started. Once your business gets up and running and succeeding, it can become an investment in itself. Plus, it can provide more money to invest for other needs and wants.

Investing has power and potential. You can tap into this power to give you the potential to reach your dreams. Use your dreams to motivate you to invest.

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