Reprogramming Your Life

Reprogramming Your Life
Morning meditation and visualization can set your morning scales to balance and prepare you to have a more enlightened day. If you have never tried it, it is certainly worth the effort. In just 15 minutes you can guide your brain to an alpha brain wave state and program it to manifest a more balanced life and a noteworthy day.

The idea here is that your brain waves generally operate at beta, that is, 13-50+ cycles per second. In a beta state, you are active and doing. At an alpha state, your brain waves are 7-13 cycles per second. At alpha, your brain is relaxed and it relaxes your body. At this level the brain can also be programmed to improve your expectations and operations. At the alpha state of mind you let your brain know what you prefer and when the brain returns to a beta state, it understands the commands and begins to create/manifest the new programming.

Interested in experiencing the idea? Use these instructions for one week:

Take a deep breath, choose a focal point, and create a moment of daydreaming. Once your eyes are out of focus and you are starring straight ahead, begin to slowly count from 1 to 100. As your eyelids get heavier let them close but continue to keep your eyes set. When you are feeling almost tranced, like daydreaming, say the word relax three times. Feel your body begin to relax. Visualize a star entering your body and moving through from head to toe. As the star moves through your body it relaxes, heals, and energizes your body. Next, repeat the word deeper, three times. The word 'deeper' increases your trance and allows your brain waves to reach a steady alpha wave pattern, where you are allowed to train your brain to understand new commands. In this state of being repeat your daily affirmations. Then, see you enjoying your life as you would have it.

When you are done projecting for overall wellness, scale back and tell your brain that today will be a wonderful day. Tell your brain that on this day you will notice opportunities and clues created for your benefit. Say “Thank You,” to the Universe for the blessings coming your way. Take a deep breath and begin counting from 10 to 1, reminding yourself that at the count of 1, you will be wide awake with enhanced vibrational energy, increased awareness, and overall improved wellness.

Be certain to journal your experiences everyday. Make note of whether you had a good day or otherwise. Make note of new opportunities, increased energy, and/or improved attitude.

Stop by the forum and tell us about your results.

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