I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)

I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)
“I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)” is a music video created by a group of young artists who used their individual God given talents to create a new tool to help bring home missing children. The lyrics of “I Wish” are emotive, both written and performed by Vienna, who is one of the producers of the video. Vienna is an incredibly diverse Asian artist who recently came to America, thanks to the producer of the video Brad Morehouse who was working in the Philippines when he found Vienna. Marty-Jean Louis is the photographer and video director of the video.

I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Brad, and then Vienna by phone about the “I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)” video. Vienna told me since everyone involved in creating the video used their own artistry and equipment, there is little expense or overhead to the video. This way the video can do as much good as possible and does not need anyone to sponsor or fund the “I Wish” video. The producers of “I Wish” are not accepting donations towards the video right now according to Vienna.

Promoting the “I Wish” video is by e-mail and websites similar to this one. As each new person views the moving video, hears the incredible stirring emotion, clarity, softness and beauty in Vienna’s vocals and lyrics, it is easy to realize the potential the video holds in helping missing children. The graphics are subtle but powerful and include information on 40 different missing children, under the age of 16.

One of the greatest features of the “I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)”video is the flexibility it allows in keeping current and up-to-date information on different children that are missing. Brad tells me he can edit one child out of the video once recovered, and then edit in a different missing child in the existing spot in around four hours. If the “I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)”video helps one child come home, then it will serve its mission and will prove priceless.

As I spoke with Brad, I discovered that Vienna was responsible for the final editing of the video. Marty’s schedule became overloaded, and the video was going to have to wait a little longer. Vienna were eager to get the video completed, and into the eyes of the world where it could begin helping children come home. With Brad’s encouragement and guidance, Vienna quickly learned how to use the software to edit in the missing children information. Working everyday for a couple weeks, Vienna made the final renditions to the video.

In the video Vienna looks sixteen or seventeen year old, although she is in her mid twenty’s. Vienna May Averilla is the seventh of ten children. She grew up in the Philippines, where her family did not speak English. Brad tells me, and Vienna confirms that as a child Vienna would stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking English. Brad Morehouse found Vienna when he was working in the Philippines with other Asian artists.

Vienna came to the United States in 2005. She had her first concert in the US on New Years Night at the Marriot in Las Vegas in 2006. Vienna had a scheduled tour of over 80 cities this year when unfortunately that fell through. As people say in the show business world, agents come and agents go but that does not make it any easier to deal with when it happens. However, Vienna strongly feels that everything happens for a reason and had she gone on the road she would never have been able to complete the “I Wish” video that her and Brad has developed.

The original idea for the video was Brad’s, his original concept involved a woman whose child was missing walking down the street putting up posters. This sparked Vienna’s idea to use her Lyrics for her song “I Wish” which was written as a tribute to her sister, after her baby died. After some minor editing, the lyrics for “I Wish” were perfect for the missing children video, and the concept was born to include missing children’s posters or information directly in the video. The lyrics of “I Wish” tear at one’s heart. As a mother who has buried two babies, I found the lyrics are sensitive to either situation involving missing children and or the death of a child. Sadly, in cases of missing children both situations do at times result.

In her Bio Vienna describes herself as “passionate about finding her own voice” and in the “I Wish” video Vienna has not only found her own voice but has found a new passion in finding missing children. Vienna’s debut album “Vienna: Neon Green Light” was performed for over 30 million people in one month. Vienna has written a whole album of songs for Erik Santos a double platinum artist in the Philippines, as well as hosted her own television show in the Philippines and starred in over 14 music videos. This is just a brief look into the background of the young, incredibly, energetic artist from the Philippines. Now for what everyone has been waiting for see the link below for the I Wish In Search of the Missing Children music video.

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