Packing for Alaskan Cruise

Packing for Alaskan Cruise
Packing for a trip to Alaska is a pretty big undertaking, even if you are the anal organized type of person like I am. The most interesting part is digging out the long sleeves and turtlenecks when it’s presently 100 degrees and shorts weather!

Make lists is the best advice I can give. Your lists could include what to wear. Don’t forget casual clothing that fits the day, the excursion, or the fit walk around the deck. You don’t want to wear nice slacks while out on a hike in the woods where you are bound to get wet or even muddy. Evening wear for your dinner meals and shows afterwards should include a wrap or jacket for on-deck moon gazing. Packing layers is very important. You may be inside enjoying a read in one of the lounges in short sleeves, and see some scenery you must go out on deck to view. Even in July, it can be a chilly 50-60 degrees on deck and if your jacket or sweater is with you, you won’t miss a beat. Along with the layers of shirts and sweaters, my jacket for this trip is a fleece lined, hooded all weather coat. On my first trip to Alaska, I ended up buying a coat, because I hadn’t planned well. The airlines all have limits on luggage including number of suitcases, carry-ons, and weight of these. You pay to begin with and you will pay dearly for overages. We purchased travel Space Bags. A certain amount of clothing will fit into a bag and then it is rolled shut to remove the air. This saved a huge amount of space! I highly recommend this product. I’m taking extras to “squish” the gifts I bring back!

Another list will be things to take. You will need your cameras, binoculars, a read or two (for the two hour wait at the airport to go anywhere!). Don’t forget the chargers for camera, phone, iPad, or other electronic thing you take with you. Vitamins, prescriptions, glasses/sunglasses, Ginger for motion issues, cash for tips (like for every shuttle driver that touches a bag) should be on your list. For your toiletries, check in with your airline for the list of allowed products within your carry-on and/or your checked luggage.

Then there is the list is for things to do at home before you leave. Shut off the automatic sprinklers. Include unplugging the appliances; make arrangements for pets, advise the neighbors, contact the bank and your credit card companies with vacation notices.

We have packed, in our minds, two or three times so far! It is quite aggravating to get somewhere and you have to hunt up some toothpaste or the credit card company cuts off your card because it’s being used outside of your “normal” location. So make your list, check it twice and then twice more. It will make the trip itself so much easier.

If anyone has any ideas for things I have missed when packing for a trip to Alaska, please head to the Alaska forum and pipe up. Many of us will sure appreciate the advice.

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