Glamour and the Aura

Glamour and the Aura
Today the term “Glamour” is used to describe the air of confidence and sensuality that surrounds certain people, especially those in the media or entertainment industry. These days this is usually manufactured by professional publicists suggestions helped by plastic surgeons and fashion advice. However, some people do have a natural glamour that is connected to the energy field surrounding their body and, surprisingly, not always linked with their physical appearance. This is perceived on a subconscious level and such people are said to be “naturally glamorous”. This is not always a good thing as it’s a talent that they may not be able to manage and may cause them as much trouble as it can give advantage.

Love magick, especially the non-manipulative ‘Notice Me’ types of spell, work on empowering the Aura and enabling it to project that glamorous type of energy. Most of the time it is a side effect of the spell, rather than its main intent but by charging your aura you can enhance the effect of any spell. You could try this technique first rather than the more complex method of spellcasting. It having the added advantage of being able to be used anywhere and at any time.

The Technique:

Relax and become aware of the aura/Bioplasmic Field surrounding you, it extends about a hands-width from the surface of your body. As you breath in imagine and experience pulling power from the surrounding environment and, as you breath out, infuse this energy into your aura charging it with ‘glamour’. This can be visualised as making your aura glow with a colour you associate with love and happiness. More sensation-based people might like to feel that the energy is turning them into a powerful magnet for the type of person right for you. In both cases making an affirmation along the lines of “My energy field is charged with love and attraction. I am now a powerful source of attraction for the people/gender right for me, no-one appropriate can help but be attracted to me” can add extra punch.

In addition to charging your aura on an energy level it can have an effect on how people see you on the physical plane as well. To the uninitiated this might sound like something right out of the films or a TV series. It becomes a bit more explainable when you realise that for approximately forty percent of their waking day the average person is functionally blind. This is a combination of the two blind spots in each eye where the two optic nerves take up space in the retina at the back of the eye, plus the time lost while the eyes refocus from close to near sight, and also when they do the same from head movements. During this time the subconscious “fills in” with a combination of memory, expectation, plus impressions from other channels including energy perception. The result can be that people see the impression you create rather than concrete reality.

I had a dramatic example of this when I was looking after a Pagan shop for a friend of mine in Portsmouth (UK) while she was on holiday. It was early in the New Year and business, although slow, was steady. The indoor market that the shop had no integral heating and so I dressed warmly in a poncho and slouch hat as much to keep my friend's heating bill down as to add to the ambience of the shop. I was warm and comfortable in this outfit, and to boost it I practiced my immersive imagination skills by mentally entering an experience where I was an Oriental monk travelling through the Gobi Desert and foothills of the Himalayas during the hot Summer months. I was even able to keep this altered mental state when people came into the shop to buy items, or book a Tarot reading when the proprietor returned.

The following week I popped into the shop when the owner was back and she gave me a strange look. "While I was away did you leave anyone else in charge of the shop?" She asked me
"No" I replied "Why?"

"Well, several of the people who were here last week said that the person who was behind the counter was a Japanese!"

I explained what I had been doing and gave as an example my experience with Jim, my Brujo friend when I saw him from middle class Mexican to a street shoeshine man in the time it took him to cross the road (1). Fortunately she understood the principle and how it could result in my being seen as a Japanese in the appropriate circumstances, although she thought the lighting might have played a part- despite my wearing a poncho and soft Stetson-style hat.

I won't say that you will get such dramatic results without extensive practice, but the breathing into aura technique has been a basic technique in some branches of Oriental love magick. In India this type of technique is called " Maya" and is used extensively in shapeshifting and tricks such as the Indian Rope trick(2) where the a combination of Prana (the Indian term for bioplasmic energy)and mental influence can influence a group of spectators into seeing a complete imaginary event. A sort of psychic hologram if you will.

If this type of shapeshfting magick appeals to you then working with the skills outlined above, and in the links below will provide a good startng point. Let us know how you get on in the forum.

(1) Covered in detail in my book "The Wizards way to Wealth" page 6

(2) A classic Indian magick trick where an Mage has his assistant appear to climb a rope, follows them up and appears to cut them to pieces, places the pieces in a basket in front of the spectators. The assistant climbs out of the basket completely restored.
Any attempted photographs of this performance just show the Mage standing or meditating and nothing else- now you know why.

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