5 Ways to Make Time for YourSelf

5 Ways to Make Time for YourSelf
Making time for yourSelf is something that should be high on mom’s priority list.
Why is it so important that she consciously set time aside for herself? Isn’t that selfish? There are too many things to do during the day – including “me” time in the daily schedule feels atrocious. However, in today’s exceedingly busy world, taking time for yourSelf is even more crucial. Here’s why:

Self-Care: If you don’t take care of yourSelf, no one can do it for you, and you certainly won’t be able to take care of others. Plus, you end up modeling an important message to your children.

Self-worth: You are important, and your needs are important as well. Demonstrate this for yourSelf and for your children.

Stress relief: What person these days doesn’t have a stress-filled life? Taking time for yourSelf is a beneficial stress releaser.

Down time: The world keeps getting busier and busier, and slowing down has to be a conscious choice. Let go of the need to be busy and cherish a little relaxation.

Going within: A mom’s world revolves around the external – caring for her children and family, running the household, going to work. It’s important to check in – within – for growth, identity, clarity, and for joy.

Here are five simple ways to carve out more time in your day:

1. Wake up before everyone else. I know – it sounds impossible. You are already
exhausted. If you really cannot roll out of bed early, set your alarm to play a body
scan meditation or peaceful music or a breathing exercise thirty minutes before you actually have to wake up. You can stay in bed but still start your day with a piece of peace just for you. If you are able to wake up even fifteen minutes earlier – your possibilities expand. You might do a few yoga poses, go for a walk around the block, or sit quietly on the porch with a cup of tea.

2. Use chore time to your advantage. When the kids leave for school, you have
laundry, dirty dishes, and beds to make. When are you going to find time for
yourSelf? Put on a set of headphones and listen to a motivational podcast while you accomplish your tasks. You might notice they get completed more quickly. You can listen to inspirational music, learn about something you’ve always been interested in, or find a conversation made specifically for moms. The choices are endless.

3. Use the transitional moments. Do you sit in a carpool line for twenty minutes
while waiting for your children to be released from school? Do you take the train
or bus to work? What do you do when you’re waiting in a long line at the bank? Use this gap time productively. Make sure to always carry a book with you. Spend the time writing in a journal, not making your grocery list. Listen to an audio book, a guided meditation, or a soulful podcast. Seize the moments, wherever they may be.

4. One way to create more time for yourSelf is to cut back on time spent on frivolous
things. Those things might include checking Facebook, email, or watching
television. Instead of filling the small moments with your smart phone, set a specific time of day for checking in. You’ll notice that all those little moments you used to check throughout the day add up to a nice chunk of time for You.

Turn off your cell phone and other electronics during your productive time. Have some calls to make and bills to pay? Don’t allow a ringing phone or dinging email box to distract you.

5. Don't get caught up. When planning a family vacation, many of us spend
countless time searching for the best deal. How long do you spend researching
holiday gifts for family members? Do you explore every soccer league in a 20-mile vicinity before deciding which one will suit your child’s needs? If you’re like most of us, we can’t stop until we explore every avenue. Give yourself a set amount of time and then stop.

The same goes for our minds – we get caught up. Caught up in thinking about all we have to do. Stop the thinking swirl, and make a list. Clear your mind to free it up for the present moment.

Strategic planning is an essential part of motherhood – not only for managing and juggling all the mom responsibilities, but for carving out time for yourSelf. It might be hard to believe, but finding more time in the day (for YOU) is possible.

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