Balance, Identity, and Motherhood

Balance, Identity, and Motherhood
The life changing impact of motherhood is an indescribable experience. From the depth of love to the new ways of maneuvering through life, parenthoodhood is filled with awe, adjustment, and change.

It does not take long for a woman to realize that her old patterns and habits are outdated, and new ones have come to take their place. The qualities and characteristics that once defined her have changed, been put on hold, or left behind altogether.

While change is inevitable and life will never be the same, moms must make a conscious effort to recreate themselves throughout motherhood. It is a constant process. It is a strategy requiring balance, insight, and perseverance. Staying connected with her identity means that mom must give careful thought to her dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It also means devoting time to the exploration of her current Self.

Moms are diligent about making appointments for their baby’s 3-month, 6-month, and yearly check-ups. She must also be conscientious about setting aside time for herSelf. This time should be viewed as mandatory – a meeting she is unable to miss.

Goals may be reached slowly, but they can still be achieved! Creating small steps toward a goal helps a mom feel like she is accomplishing something. Patience is essential, and celebrations are in order when each step is achieved.

Dreams are important. Even when a mom feels like she is at a standstill and that life has become stagnant, it is important to dream. As time goes by, those dreams may come to fruition, transform, or fade away. The act of dreaming and yearning is good for a mom’s soul. Inspiration and passion will be fueled when a dream is kept in the forefront of her mind.

When moms begin to feel resentful or drained, it is time to create space for herSelf. Mom burnout is not a pleasant experience and can rip at her identity. At times like these, a recharge is necessary. This can be accomplished by a day away, small pieces of time throughout the week, or – if she’s really lucky – an entire weekend can really do wonders.

A mom’s identity does not thrive in isolation, and connection is just as important as dreaming. Exploring herself in a shared space with other moms is enlightening, refreshing, and inspiring. A built in support group to listen to her dreams and to keep her passionate about pursuing those dreams is key to maintaining balance and identity in motherhood.

From the moment her first child is born, a woman’s identity is altered. Throughout motherhood, it is essential to stay connected with the ever-changing Self. It takes savvy navigation and careful planning to live your life in the middle of their life, but it is certainly possible.

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