Best Home Fragrances for Every Room

Best Home Fragrances for Every Room
Want to add depth to a space at home? Set the right mood in a room, perhaps? Good news is you don’t need to spend a lot on decors or expensive renovations. Home fragrances can do that for you without putting a dent in your budget or taking away much of your time. Using the right scents, you can give any room at home a makeover, feel relaxed or productive, and make an impression on guests. For many people, in fact, a house can’t be considered clean without the lingering fresh smell. So whether fragrance is a necessity for your home or a luxury you want to add for special occasions, be sure to choose and use the right scent for every space at home.

Bedroom – There’s no need to elaborate why the bedroom deserves a lovely scent. For this area, lavender is always a perfect choice as it leaves a gentle floral and herbal smell. While the smell alone can take away your stress, real lavender has excellent calming and therapeutic properties so if you can put fresh lavender buds or diffuse pure lavender essential oils, use these instead of synthetic lavender fragrance oils. Jasmine is also an excellent choice of scent for the bedroom and said to be more powerful than lavender in promoting a good night’s sleep. For something sexy, you can never go wrong with the lush scent of vanilla.

Kitchen/Dining – The kitchen releases its own scent particularly if you store a lot of ingredients or cook frequently. The smell of fresh bread, herbs, spices, fruits and other food all make up your kitchen’s natural fragrance. However, that’s not to say you can’t make it better. Throw in some citrus scents of lemon, lime or orange for extra feeling of freshness and cleanliness or use anything delectable like thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, coffee, vanilla, pear and apple. For holidays, pumpkin and cinnamon scents are favorites. The trick is to find a scent that’s food-based and avoid anything floral as it clashes with the smell and taste of food.

Living Room – The thing is you can put just about any scent in the living room as it all depends on the mood you want to create. This is where you can have your choice of floral scents but keep it subtle if you want a relaxing atmosphere. When entertaining guests or in a party mood, you can opt for something more powerful and happy like passion fruit and berries. Citrus also works well in the living room. In fact, scents in the citrus category are safe choices for home fragrance because you can put it practically in any room. If holidays’ just around the corner, the scent of pine will keep your living room smelling merry and bright.

Bathroom – You’ll find that the most relaxing bathroom experiences are those done with clean, relaxing scents in the air. For the bathroom, the smell of ocean, flowers and crisp linen are top picks but it is still a delight to bring in some kitchen favorites like vanilla, cinnamon and citrus. The bathroom is an easy target for bad smell. Keep in mind that it’s always best to eliminate bad odor in the bathroom by cleaning the area regularly. Use home fragrances to improve and not cover-up such smell. Note that these home fragrances may be in the form of essential oils but they can also be candles, incense sticks and fresh or dried flowers and sprigs.

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