Mother Nature, The Original Aromatherapist

Mother Nature, The Original Aromatherapist
Have you been outside lately? Notice any changes in the aroma in the air? The smell of honeysuckle, lavender or the stench of a skunk? Say hello to Mother Nature, the original aromatherapist.

Typically you look to find scents in perfumes, bath salts or body balms and oils. Have you ever wondered how else these beautiful gems from Mother Nature are being used? When you look at the world of essential oils, you'll find a wealth of information to be used in your beauty regimens.

Let's take a look!

Peony - When using its root, it is said to be an effective dark-spot lightener. According to Dr Cybele Fishman, “peony reduces inflammation by releasing heat shock proteins that lessen pigment”.

Rose acts as a stabilizer to a lot of perfumes. It's also known for its skin firming properties. Studies show that the rose has a fatty acid and antioxidant rich oils that smooth out lines by encouraging cell regeneration.

Chamomile with its soothing compound known as bisabolol, is known to prevent redness and irritation. It blocks the proteins in the skin from sending inflammation-related messages to the surface. Chamomile is used in products that are good for sensitive skin and rosacea challenged skin.

Neroli is the product of the bitter orange tree blossom. It's known to act like a sedative and has been said to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Ylang Ylang is known as the oil to boost confidence. Studies show that Ylang Ylang essential oils helps boost self esteem and reduce jitters.

Jasmine is often called the aphrodisiac. Known for its high levels of the compound indole, this ingredient is known to have a sensual aroma similar to that of your own body.

Mother Nature provides the beautiful flowers that give you essential oils to work with. You in turn, create oil blends that allow you to become an assistant to the original aromatherapist, Mother Nature herself.

Because you and your skin are your own unique universe, the aroma that you emit will be just that … your own world of scent. The next time you have a chance to experience a change in the aroma of the air, enjoy it.

That’s it for this week.

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