Using Fragrance to Enrich Our Lives

Using Fragrance to Enrich Our Lives
What is a fragrance ? It's defined as a pleasant or sweet smell, a perfume or aftershave. We know that the nose plays an internal part in how we perceive a fragrance or scent. Your nose serves as a conduit that guides scent into your olfactory system. when you inhale an aroma, your olfactory cells transmit a direct signal to your brain’s memory bank.

The fragrance you smell can also trigger changes in your body temperature, your appetite, your stress level and even arouse you sexually.

Using Fragrance to Enhance The Sense of Touch

The sense of touch speaks a language that communicates love, reassurance and understanding. It can also create a feeling of comfort and a sense of healing.

Massage is the tool that's used to bring these feelings into play. However, it's the addition of aromatherapy that will enhance the experience of using scent. When you're Restless, these essential oils will aid you in your scented journey.

Spikenard - 5 drops
Marjoram - 4 drops
Ylang-ylang - 3 drops and
Anise - 3 drops along with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil.

Massage oils that are Calming would be:

Chamomile - 5 drops
Bergamot - 5 drops and
Lavender - 5 drops along with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil. A lot of massage therapist like to use Grapeseed oil.

Never use synthetic oils and oils extracted by chemical solvents. Many of the synthetic oils sold today can replicate the scent/fragrance of essential oils, however, they can't provide the beneficial properties of the pure plant oil. Oils extracted using solvents can often contain toxic residue. It's important to use unrefined carrier oils and essential oils that have been extracted by steam distillation or pressed mechanically or expeller pressed.

It's a great idea to begin a study of essential oils, if only for the knowledge of how they’re capable of enhancing your life.

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Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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