Lavender and Rosemary A Supermarket Find

Lavender and Rosemary A Supermarket Find
While running into the supermarket with my husband to pick up some juice, I took the route by way of the flowers. What a beautiful display not to mention the aromas. As I approached what was shaped like a pine cone, it was a rosemary tree. I kid you not, it was rosemary in the shape of a pine cone or as some would say a Christmas tree. The aroma was breath taking. As I passed the rosemary tree, I picked up the scent of lavender. I'm searching to see where its coming from and find that it's dried french lavender sitting low in a cute little bucket.

I make my way to the juice with hubby and it's as though, I'm being led by my nose to swing back and pick up the flowers. I get the lavender and proceed to check out and the rosemary scent literally picked me up to go back and get the tree.

Yes they are both in my house at this time. The dried lavender is a no brainer, it will sit in a vase and I'll mist it from time to time with lavender essential oil and keep it moving. The rosemary tree is another story. Since it compelled me to bring it home, we'll see if it shows me how to take care of it.

Funny thing though, I've been seeing and smelling these two essential oils in different blends since they crossed my path. I'd made a hand sanitizer for my car and began to smell it from the compartment between the seats. I smelled lavender and chamomile in tea bags coming from my pantry. The scent of rosemary began to come from a diffuser I'd used in my office.

Lavender has inspired entire skin care lines from mask to moisturizers. Known for its aromatherapy properties, lavender is the plant for calming and relaxation helping you to sleep at night. Lavender has also been known to decrease levels of stress and eliminate the body of free radicals.

Rosemary can also help with stress relief, it's incredibly potent. If you're challenged with being overwhelmed, rosemary has been known to help with mental clarity. Combined with lavender, rosemary is said to lower your pulse rates, indicating a more relaxed state of mind.

Rosemary is also said to boost your immune system, increase circulation and cure headaches. No wonder it wanted to come home with me, my inner being was calling out the natural healing properties of the plants. Go figure.

There are so many other things you can do with these two beauties, such as clearing up acne, fading stretch marks, stimulate hair growth and banish dandruff.

The next time the scent of a flower calls out to you, follow it and bring it home. It's not whispering to you for no reason. That's if for this week!

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