Soaking It All Up In the Bath

Soaking It All Up In the Bath
Bathing is and has always been a beautiful moment for engaging with the element of water. You allow yourself to soak it all in and find beauty in the bath for relaxation and tranquility. In the environment of natural ingredients and botanical oils, we've moved away from the days of synthetic bubble suds and chemical additives. In essence, your bath can become your medicine for a lot of things that ale you. Since your skin covers your entire body, you can best harness the power of transdermal absorption using your bath tub.

The unique properties of essential oils allow them to quickly and easily absorb deep into your skin while boosting the vitality of your skin cells. Oils such as frankincense, lavender, rose otto, neroli, bergamot, chamomile and geranium are just a few of my favorites for creating bath essentials to use for relaxing and treating my skin.

What type of Bath do you take?

Clay Baths> - Have you ever considered taking what's known as an earth bath. You get to play in the mud. Did you ever play in the mud when you were younger? How about now that you've added 10 years? Clay bathing can be healthy and therapeutic. Real mud has been shown to improve skin problems, reduce inflammation and ease burns and stings.

When you bathe in two pounds of mud and soak for two hour periods, it can be very beneficial for drawing out toxins from your body. Add essential oils and it will boost your bathing experience.

Medicine Baths - Who would ever have thought that baking soda and sea salt would be a perfect combination for healing your body. Baking soda and magnesium salts allows your body to absorb the magnesium into your skin and cells. This will neutralize the lactic acid in your muscles and boost the alkalinity in your body.

Here's a recipe for natural bubbly bath balls:

2 cups Baking soda
20 drops of frankincense essential oil
10 drops Laurel essential oil
10 drops Blue Tansy essential oil
1 tablespoon clay
1 tablespoon organic Jojoba, Olive or Coconut oils
1 spritz bottle of pure water (any size)
Molds for your balls - ice tray, muffin tins

Sitz Baths are also known as hip baths and are typically shallow baths where your hips are submerged into the water. I've had a type of hip bath where I’ve been placed over a toilet type of seat and covered from the neck down with a plastic drape. Smoking herbs were placed under the toilet type of seat and the smoke was placed so that it would rise up and detoxify my female organs. This service was offered as a hip bath in a Korean Spa.

Sunbaths - I once read that sun bathing was actually better than water baths or air baths. After all, the sun blesses your skin with vitamin D, regulates your circadian rhythms, and stimulates production of sleep inducing melanin.

Time for you to experience the world of the bath. These are just a few types to consider, let us know what you think. That's it for this week!

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