Are Liquid Roll-On's The New Perfume

Are Liquid Roll-On's The New Perfume
Perfumes are so magical! They're powerful mood changers and roll-on perfumes make it easy to have with you at all times. They have the ability to lift your spirit. The blend you choose, has a way of reflecting your personality saying a lot about who you are. If you're anything like me, you’ve got essential oils all over the place. That's right, essential oils are the foundation of a good perfume, especially is we're talking natural.

If you blend with synthetics (chemical based imitation oils), you'll get an entirely different set of experiences. Okay, not entirely true. You could experience the same symptoms basically, however, synthetic blends can cause headaches and we'll smell you coming from a block away. Have you ever walked into a department store and been overwhelmed by the Spritz Girls/Guys? I can't make a complete pass through without going into a sneezing frenzy. Can you? Synthetic blends don't provide you with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

You see, a perfume is suppose to be experienced up close and personal. It's made to provide a personal olfactory experience or entice a suitor. If the wind picks up your scent and transports it from one place to another, that's different. We know that from the stories told about Cleopatra and her perfumed sails carried by the wind to lure Mark Anthony to her dwelling. That was rose essential oil by the way, not synthetic oils.

The great thing about roll-on perfumes is that they're easy to make. They're also a great way to learn about essential oils and how to use them when blending. Here's a recipe for you to try. If you're new to perfume blending, you can use half the amount of essential oils in one bottle and the full blend in another. This allows you to see which you like best.

Here's what you’ll need:

1 teaspoon carrier oil ( jojoba or grapeseed)
40 drops of essential oil or a combination of essential oils
1 or two drops of perfume alcohol, vodka or gin) An eyedropper would be good for this step
Small roller ball container ( frosted to minimize sunlight)

Add the essential oils to your container. Pour the carrier into the bottle on top of essential oils.

Put the roller ball cap on the container and gently shake the container. I like for mine to sit for 7 days before wearing it.

Try it! You just might like what you get. Let us know in the Fragrance forum. Until next time …

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