Scent Trails and The Beauty of Their Essence

Scent Trails and The Beauty of Their Essence
I got a email the other day from someone who ultimately became a new client. She'd smelled a scent that I sell on a women that passed by her. She stopped the woman and asked what she was wearing. The woman told her and shared where she purchased it. The woman wearing the scent seems to have a body chemistry that's perfect for the blend of oils. Every time she wears it, she gets stopped or gets comments from people passing her letting her know how great she smells. I called the woman wearing the scent and thanked her for the referral. She told me that 4 different women had stopped her on that same day complimenting her on how great she smelled. Talk about leaving a scent trail, this is a perfect example.

Invoking the Essence of a Scent Blend

Scents, whether they're from perfumes, room sprays, diffusers or oil blends have a way leaving a scent trail. Have you ever noticed that certain smells can invoke a feeling within, spur a memory from long ago, or suddenly make your mind wander to a season or holiday? Perfumes and scents can actually trigger brain functions that create these experiences.

Numerous studies confirm the link between the olfactory sense and memory is very powerful, mainly because the little bulb that controls your sense of smell is located very close to the same parts of the brain responsible for retaining memory.

The effects are nearly instantaneous, so the moment you smell a certain aroma, your brain calls up the memory associated with it.

Do Tropical Scents Exist?

What we perceive to be tropical blends can often be synthetic creations. Nevertheless when the weather begins to get warmer, scents like coconut, pineapple, and honey are not only delightful aromas during the warmer months, they can bring you back to days spent hanging out on the beach, sipping a pina colada by the pool, or gathering with friends and family in a back-yard barbecue.

Incorporating these scents into your everyday life can even help banish the blues and get you through a stressful time.
There is a good reason that many suntan lotion companies use coconut scent in their products: the fruit is one of the most popular warm weather scents, primarily because of the association with the sandy beaches and crashing waves of places like Hawaii.

When you smell coconut, you almost can’t help but think of summer.  In fact, coconut-scented candles and lotions may help banish the winter blahs or end-of-summer blues.

Pineapple is another popular scent used during the warmer months, and invokes feelings of a cool, refreshing breeze. A major staple in summer fruit salads, it can also beckon memories of those backyard barbecues of yesteryear’s. While coconut is a warmer scent that has a soothing quality, pineapple is great for invigorating the mind and increasing energy levels. Fresh pineapple juice is also excellent in caring for your skin because it contains enzymes that help increase the natural elasticity and slough off dead skin cells.

Honey is another wonderful scent that can work well on its own, but tends to shine when blended with other summer aromas. It is a year-round scent, and can induce feelings of comfort and security when blended with other warm aromas like almond or patchouli. When combined with lemon, ginger, or other light scents it takes on a whole new dimension that makes it a perfect warm weather scent.

Just about any member of the citrus fruit family makes the perfect warm weather scent, because they are all energetic aromas. Orange oil, for example, is one of the most popular essential oils used in the practice of aromatherapy because it is excellent at relieving stress. Lime is also considered a cheery scent. Just use caution when using citrus essential oils in summer perfume blends, they can increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Don't Forget the Scents for Men

While most warm weather scents are unisex aromas, men may want something a little spicier and masculine. Ginger and vanilla are two popular options if going the essential oil route.

Oakmoss is a heady scent that brings back memories of hiking through the woods. Cypress is another woodsy aroma, and it can easily be lightened up with a little citrus essential oil.

So ...

Be mindful that scent trails and the beauty of their essence can have you being followed if you're not careful.
That's it for this week!

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