We Love Our Scents

We Love Our Scents
We love our scents, our fragrances and aroma's. However, as with a lot of things, when man enters with what is referred to as advancements, we begin to loose what was once plentiful.

We're being told that the beauty of aromatherapy is causing certain plants to become extinct. Can you imagine not having any essential oils in your space? For years it's been known that over sourcing certain oils has put them in danger of becoming extinct. So what does the industry do? Raise the prices to deter over harvesting.

Anyone who's used essential oils know that they are natural, generally safe and effective. That makes them fine to use in small measured amounts when using them as the best solution to your problem. There was a time when essential oils were used as needed, a drop here, a drop there. However, since they’ve become quite popular in mainstream culture, we're over doing it, as usual. We run diffusers all day to make the house smell better or in our office to ward off negative energy from fellow co-workers.

Some of our endangered essential oils are:

Spikenard is a small plant that grows in the Himalayas, Nepal in particular. It's difficult to cultivate and is typically wild harvested. The root of this plant is where you get your essential oil, so it’s not able to individually regenerate. It’s increased demand caused to to be banned from export from Nepal in order to preserve it. What happens when something is banned? The smugglers step up their business.

Spikenard is a sedative for the central nervous system. It's used to uplift and promote relaxation. When used topically it’s to encourage clean, healthy skin.

As an alternative to using Spikenard, try using Rose Geranium for healthy skin and Lime as a Mood lifter. Lavender has been shown to work well for relaxation and Mandarin as a sedative. By adopting the use of these oils, you'll help curtail the use of Spikenard and give it a chance to replenish itself.

Sandalwood is also native to India as with Spikenard. Sandalwood doesn't reach maturity until it's 80 years old. For essential oil production, it can be harvested as young as 30. In order to do this, the tree must be uprooted because this is the part that used to get the oil. Hawaii and Australia are also countries that provide Sandalwood to the world, it's just that India always had the best quality.

Sandalwood has always been used for meditation and spiritual focus. However, it is used in topical skin care treatments as an anti-wrinkle solution and tot reduce scars. Go figure! In aromatherapy, it's been used to relive anxiety and for grounding purposes.

As an alternative, try using Tea Tree for clearing up skin eruptions, Vetiver for grounding, Germain chamomile for dry mature skin and Myrrh for spiritual focus and meditation.

Frankincense especially the Boswellia spp. genus is known for its special resin. In order to get this special resin, the tree bark has to be damaged to encourage resin production. This puts stress on the plant. A lot of us don’t think of trees and plants having emotions. Although you don’t have to cut the trees down in order to gather its resin, its greater threat comes from people over stressing the tress until they weaken and die.

There's also Boswellia carterii which is the most used species for essential oils. If it obtained from Somalia, it's on the list of threatened oil but in Oman, it is one of the critically endangered oils.

Frankincense is said to promote peace and overall wellness. The priest don't smoke the churches for nothing. They want a feeling of peace among the congregation. It is also used to enable a spiritual connection during prayer and meditation while grounding your energy. It's used in aromatherapy to balance your mood and encourage relaxation.

It might be helpful to use Lavender for inner peace, Germain chamomile for mature skin and Myrrh for prayer and meditation instead.

While we love our scents ...

We're looking for ways to balance out our use essential oils without wiping them out completely. Be mindful of companies that make promises and false claims. Big corporations, multilevel marketing campaigns always have a backdoor answer for why they're doing things a certain way. We're all looking for a way to make a living, but for essential oils you can work with distillers or companies that source from distillers that are transparent about their oils' content and where they’re sourced from.

That's it for this week! As always ...

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