Book Review: Be the People

Book Review:  Be the People
We live in a society where Christianity is often ridiculed and the religious tradition of the Founders is ignored. Extreme Liberal proponents have distorted the Constitution into a “living document” that shifts with the tide of the culture and washes away the original intent of its writers. Not to mention, it is impossible to fairly debate the issues of the day such as family values, feminism, racism, abortion and immigration without offending someone because one speaks from a biblical worldview.

However, the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States of America cannot be denied. In her new book, “Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise,” Dr. Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University, makes an unapologetic call for America to return to her moral base which is rooted in biblical truth. Swain is straightforward, scholarly, well-researched, and solid doctrinally; and, her writing style is easy to read and very engaging.

The book is divided into two parts with eight chapters. Part One, “Broken Vows,” Dr. Swain jumps right into the center of the ocean and examines the ocean floor – foundations upon which this country was founded: truth, justice, the value of life, and the pursuit of freedom. Then, she courageously swims up the ocean layers of time to show in Part Two, “Banished Virtues,” how government, culture, and institutions of higher learning have systematically moved us away from God and the Christian values our forefathers established this nation. Furthermore, she surfs the waves of tough issues un-“tossed here and there by waves” (Ephesians 4:14) and proves how a loss of our moral compass has left us lost at sea.

Swain also provided valuable treasures in the Appendix, an excellent reference of our founding documents: The Ten Commandments, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution (1787). With these jewels in the palm of our hands, Dr. Swain adorns us with riches that enable us to meticulously compare the policy makers of today with the intent of the Founders.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever found themselves in a discussion about faith and politics. As Christians, we can no longer wade in the water of moral and social decay. It is time to become informed of the issues, stand with a biblical response, and know the content of the documents opponents use to justify their agenda. Without question, Dr. Swain eloquently charts the treacherous path that this nation is headed into; but, provides solutions about how to regain the ground we have lost because “the tide of America’s morality is receding” and we have a responsibility to “Be the People.”

For more information go to Dr. Swain's website at; or, to find out how you can get involved in praying and taking action to reclaim America, visit the Concerned Women for America's site at

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