More Feng Shui Success Stories

More Feng Shui Success Stories
I have been a Feng Shui practitioner for almost 15 years, and one of the best parts of my work is when clients share their Feng Shui success stories with me, especially how they made simple Feng Shui changes in their homes, offices, and businesses with big results. Feng Shui is the art and science of placing things in your home or office to attract good things, and my client’s Feng Shui success stories most often involve attracting wealth, harmony, and love. Here are a few of their personal stories.

Mary Lynne’s Career Move
Mary Lynne was having difficulty moving ahead in her career when she contacted me for an office consultation. She told me she felt stuck in a rut in her job, couldn't understand why she was continually overlooked for a promotion, and had lost the ability to visualize herself succeeding in her career. There were three things that I noticed immediately in her office: she was sitting with her back to the door, which is considered a vulnerable position; she was staring at a blank wall; and the few pieces of uninspiring art she did have were hanging in a straight line, symbolizing lateral rather than upward grow. I recommended a few strategic changes, and a few months later received this e-mail from Mary Lynne:
The first thing I did was move my desk so I could see out the doorway, and I couldn't believe how much more "noticed" I felt when colleagues would walk down the hallway and smile or acknowledge me. Then, I found a picture of a mountain to put behind me to represent support, as you suggested, and replaced the horizontal line of bland prints with a photo of a beautiful sunrise and a print of a landscape with lush trees to represent career growth. Out of the blue I was selected to be part of an important task force that included not only a pay raise, but greater visibility and respect in the company. Finally, I can picture my prospects for moving up in my career.

Stacy’s Difficult Neighbor
At the beginning of the year I received this positive news from my client Stacy. She and her husband were troubled by some difficult neighbors. Her story speaks for itself.
My apologies for taking so long to respond to the tremendous changes your visit has made in our lives, however, we've been busy reaping the benefits of good living based on your suggestions. In a year and a half since your consultation, our income has increased substantially and our "negative" neighbors just told us last night, that after seventeen months of living next door, that they are relocating! Thank goodness for those mirrors you suggested we hang to deflect their negative energy! Our basement is now "supporting" us and our attics are clear of clutter. Jason and I followed your suggestions to the tee and within two months of your being here, both of our rental properties sold and from there the money was flowing. Although we believed in it from the beginning, and have given you and Feng Shui continuous credit, the announcement that the neighbors were moving was the icing on the cake because it brings harmony back to our neighborhood.

Briana's New Romance
Brenda was ready to meet the right guy, and the first thing I noticed when I arrived for her home consultation was that her closets were so overloaded there was no room for anyone else's clothes. When I asked what she was holding on to, she admitted she had trouble getting rid of things from past boyfriends. She pulled down a box of costume jewelry from her bedroom closet that included things like a bracelet from a high school boyfriend. I explained to Briana that in order to make room for a new relationship, she needed to get rid of everything she was holding on to from all of those "Mr. Wrongs," to make room for the one "Mr. Right."

Here is what Briana wrote:
Your message came through loud and clear. I started with the dreaded master bedroom closet. I couldn't believe what I found there, like a tee shirt some guy had given me when we played on the same softball team, photos of guys I don't even remember, and some more pieces of jewelry that only had sentimental meaning--and that was long gone. I took no prisoners...the jewelry went to my little niece for dress up and the rest of the stuff went out. You guessed it, not long after I finished the bedroom closet I met this really great guy at party in my apartment complex. Not sure why I hadn't noticed him before; maybe everything was just too cluttered for him to find me.

What’s your Feng Shui success story?

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