I Wish No Child was Missing

I Wish No Child was Missing
I wish there was no need for a website with the words missing, exploited, and children written in the same line. I wish children everywhere were safe and warm in bed as the stars rise into the sky. I wish every mother were fortunate enough to know where each of her children was as the sunset in the west. I wish there was no need for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), America’s Most Wanted. I wish that Adam Walsh, Polly Klaas, Amber Hagerman were grown children living at home with their own families.

I wish every parent provided there child with information to keep them safe from sexual exploitation, abduction, and the many other dangers children face at home, school and in general. I wish every child would listen to his or her parent (without rolling their eyes) regarding pedophiles imitating teens on the internet. I wish children realized the dangers of sneaking out of the house at night. I wish children would hear his or her inner voice warning them about a bad situation, so they would stay safe.

I wish I could forget the images of the many faces of those innocent and beautiful children that haunt my mind minute by minute. I wish every family member would study the faces of the missing children mass mailer sent out each week. I wish that adults everywhere would slow down to take time to look into the eyes of the children in their midst.

I wish that when night falls a star would shine brightly for each lonely and frightened child. I wish the moon really could follow people and could lead authorities to children locked away. I wish if one wished on the first star out each night that the wish really did come true. I wish godmothers everywhere had magic, sparkly wands that could sprinkle fairy dust to make the world a better place.

I wish that this website might help just one pedophile or child molester to resist his or her temptation to offend. I wish if you read this and you know something about a missing child you would come forward to help bring that child home or solve that missing child case. I wish that if you hurt children that you never sleep another night peacefully, until you clear your conscience and call your local authorities, giving them the information to solve the missing, abducted, or murdered children cases you know about personally. I wish children never felt pain, only love, safety, and hope for the future.

I wish…

I wish…

I wish...

Erika Lyn Smith, Editor - Missing and Exploited Children Site

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